LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- On Friday night, the family of a 7-year-old boy whose body was found west of Las Vegas gathered to pay respects in California.

Friends and family gathered at a park in south San Jose, California to remember and honor Liam Husted.

Liam Husted

Liam Husted.

Through tears, Liam's father, Nicholas Husted spoke to the group gathered for the vigil.

“The first thing I told him when I saw his stuff this morning was look how much- look how many people love you. He was such a great boy. I just want everybody to know that- he was amazing," Husted said. 

A family friend said Liam was full of energy and love.

Nicholas Husted said the park was his second home. 

He thanked all the communities affected by Liam's case that spanned over three states. He specifically thanked the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

“The Las Vegas detectives were amazing...and, I have some friends to meet when I go over there," Nicholas Husted said.

A GoFundMe account for Liam exceeded its goal of $20,000 in just over a day. The highest donation was $10,000.

“The GoFundMe was unbelievable," Nicholas Husted said.

On the GoFundMe page Husted wrote a message about Liam. 

"Most people don’t realize how brilliant children on the spectrum are and he was no different," Nicholas Husted said. 

During the vigil a family friend said the outpouring of love they received from the location where Liam was found was amazing.

“There’s some great people in Las Vegas -huge hearts,” Nicholas Husted said.

Liam Husted's mother, Samantha Moreno Rodriguez, is booked at a Denver jail and awaiting extradition to Las Vegas. 

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