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(Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas/Facebook)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Visitors hoping to experience Red Rock Canyon's Scenic Drive will have to pay to reserve an entry time starting Nov. 3.

According to a news release, Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area will introduce a timed entry reservation system for the Scenic Drive to help address capacity issues during its fall and spring busy seasons.

As part of the new system, timed entry reservations will be mandatory for all visitors Oct. 1 to May 31 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Timed entry reservations will not begin this year until Nov. 3, the release said.

Timed entry reservations may be made up to 30 days in advance.

Officials note that the timed entry reservations do not include the entry fee for the Scenic Drive. As such, visitors must also have a daily pass, Red Rock Canyon Annual Support Pass, or an America The Beautiful Pass.

Passes allow entry to the pass holder and passengers in their vehicle. All passes will still be available for purchase at the Red Rock Canyon NCA fee gates. Daily passes will also be available at

Timed entry reservations will be for entry during the reserved time window. After entry, according to the release, visitors may continue to enjoy the area until closing time. The reservation does not restrict the amount of time visitors may stay inside the fee area. will charge a $2 processing fee for timed entry reservations.

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(4) comments


Unbelievable. This has nothing to do with crowding in a place larger than the city itself. It has everything to do with gouging locals for state revenue because an Democrat-run city has deficit spending issues. Avoid the loop and vote Republican in November.


It's run by the BLM, which is a federal organization. The Federal government is gouging us out of our money and making it harder to access our public lands. That is where our anger should be pointed. We need to bombard William Perry Pendley's mail box with letters protesting this decision. Send letters to:

1849 C Street NW

Rm. 5665

Washington, DC 20240

Also you can access the email addresses of top ranking BLM officials here:

Please I know we don't agree on everything, but in this case I think we can stand united and if we make enough noise get this overturned.


How utterly pathetic. Anything to squeeze more money out of people, and to make their lives just a little bit more of a pain in the arse.


I'm no a fan of this. So now entry fees have increased by $2 and it is now more difficult for us to access our public lands. Are any of these reservations going to be reserved for locals, or are they all going to tourists and tour companies? Guess I'll be hitting the trail at 6am.

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