Ready to digitally disconnect? National Day of Unplugging happens this week

Mike Doria went to Pinot's Palette in Town Square for ideas on what to do on National Day of Unplugging. March 5, 2018 (FOX5)

Brace yourself. If you have #fomo or fear of missing out, then Friday is going to be a particularly tough day. It’s National Day of Unplugging, or the day when citizens around the globe are encouraged to ditch their digital and find other activities to do.

If you’re worried that work will get in the way of the disconnect, don’t. It starts at sundown on March 9 and continues to sundown on March 10.

On this day, people pledge to do other things such as “course correct,” “love themselves” and “have a life worth living,” according to On the site, you can even download a pledge that comes with a free cell phone sleeping bag.

Need more reasons to disconnect? Here are some stats, some according to Statista: The average person spends 70 hours per month on a smart phone 43% of Americans never disconnect In 2017, 1975 billion apps were downloaded 1300 new apps are available daily from AndroidFOX5’s Mike Doria went to Pinot’s Palette for the art of drinking and painting. Watch the video for more.

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