LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- An up and coming Las Vegas clothing designer created Vegas inspired clothes, most recently worn by celebrity DJ Marshmello during a Raiders halftime performance.

On Nov. 14, Raiders halftime performer musician DJ Marshmello wore a Raiders jacket created by local designer Chazz Owens. Owens is the creative director over his brand, Twozzday.

Owens said the Raiders put in an order to dress their celebrities during their halftime performances. He said the process has been at least a year in the making and the moment finally happened. 

“Just a blessing to have our first corporate collaborator be the Raiders," Owens said.

He's grateful they're working with local designers in the city.

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"Growing up, the Raiders were a huge fashion brand as well as a football team. People used to wear Raiders starter jackets, Raider starter varsity jacket so the fact that we can actually create one and it be in front of 60,000 people and then Marshmello who has 30 million followers, so it hit on so many different layers that I couldn’t even expect it come together how it did," Owens said. 

Owens created his clothing brand five years ago while attending college. He majored in electrical engineering.

“I started seeing people getting internships and working in these companies and I could never-- I just couldn’t fit in that space of suit and tie and interviews and all that and the clothing was just so natural for me," Owens said.

When he was in college, the brand was listed under America's top 100 underground brands. Chris Brown was the first celebrity to wear his clothing during a New Years Eve party at Drai's in Las Vegas. 

"That was just a dream come true. I’m from Virginia, he’s from Virginia so I grew up watching Chris Brown and then when that happened I kind of just set it off it was a snowball effect after that," Owens said.

Brown and Owens have never met and there wasn't a paid contract. 

"I guess those are the moments you do it for, like those are the highs that you chase all the late nights to get that, that moment cause then it took me from a local brand to ok he’s serious now," Owens said.

Owens held pop-up shops in Washington D.C., Atlanta and Las Vegas where instead of staying a week he ended up staying a month. With the cheaper cost of living in the valley instead of L.A., Owens made the move with his roommate from Virginia Beach to Las Vegas in Oct. 2019. 

The pandemic forced Owens to get creative selling his clothes online. With the help from a college friend, he learned how to build a virtual reality shop on his website.

"We created a 'Twozzday mansion' house so you can go in the house and literally everything for the house is for sale it’s all branded so from the pillows on the couch, there was a slot machine you could buy, there was basketballs, there was blankets. Literally everything in the house it had a button to click on you could buy it from there so what we recently did was a gift shop playing off the Vegas vibes," Owens said. 

In the last five years his clothes have been worn by a list of celebrities. 

“Justin Bieber, Meg Thee Stallion, Pharrell, Little Oozy, Little Peep, Trey Songz. We’ve had athletes, Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant," Owens said. 

"My clothes live a better life than me that’s all I can say. When I ship it- they have a life after their own after that," Owens said.

The name behind Twozzday brand is about living in the moment.

"A lot of people live for the weekend, for birthdays, holidays, I can't wait Friday to get off work and myself I’ve had two near death experiences – I like to cherish you know tomorrow is never promised as you've seen during COVID, the news cycle like- life is precious so even if it’s a Tuesday just embrace that and live it to it’s fullest," Owens said.

On Feb. 22, 2022, Owens hopes to share big news of opening a storefront or sharing a new partnership.

On Thursday, Owens had a meeting with Wynn.

"We don’t even have a specific logo we kind of still keep it open so we can collaborate and change it up need be cause we want to get to the point where it’s Twozzday in Vegas, Twozzday in London, Twozzday in Paris and each store is a different concept," Owens said. 

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