Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation

Having trouble filing for unemployment? You’re far from alone. Your most common questions, answered by FOX5:


Question: I can’t get through on the phone. I’ve tried and tried for hours, days straight. What next?

Answer: Have you tried to file online, first? DETR officials say that is the best way to get through, at this point. Link:



Question: I AM trying to file online, and the website keeps “crashing.” What can I do?

Answer: The website is not crashing, per DETR officials. Due to the volume of people going online, the website is reaching its “threshold” and slowing to a crawl.

Question: But I keep getting error messages on the website? 

DETR now established a technical support phone number and email: 

(775) 684-0427 

Question: I don’t have a computer — or I’m being directed to call DETR by the website and still can’t get through to anyone?

Answer: DETR says the phone lines are overwhelmed with an “unprecedented” amount of people who need to file-- 10,000 a day. Their answer? Keep calling. 

DETR says they have hired more staff members to handle to call volume.

Only when the phone lines are not slammed, a “Virtual Hold” is possible: a DETR employee will call you back, rather than you having to wait on the phone.

Question: I filed for unemployment days ago, and still haven’t gotten my check. When is it coming?

Answer: You won’t get a check. It will be a debit card with funds loaded onto it. Processing time is 7 to 10 days.

DETR won’t specify realistic processing times due to high volumes of applicants, but tell people to expect delays.

Question: I don’t have my Federal PIN number/Username/previous password and I am having trouble filing, or resetting my information. What do I do?

Answer: DETR has expanded hotline hours for PIN, username and password issues only. 

Saturday, 8 a.m. - noon: (702) 486-3293.

Users can fill out this form provided by the governor's office to expedite resetting account information: 

There is a YouTube tutorial to help you troubleshoot PIN issues: 


For PIN, password, username or user lockout issues, call the Security Help Desk :

Northern Nevada (775) 687-6838

Southern Nevada (702) 486-3293

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I apply online need to talk to live person to see when I can receive my unemployment is always hang up

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