Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation

Having trouble filing for unemployment? You’re far from alone. Your most common questions, answered by FOX5:


Question: Where can I file for PUA?

Answer: According to DETR, the website for PUA claims,, will not be live until Saturday, May 16. As well, the phone line for assistance (1-800-603-9681) will also not be active until Saturday.

Question: I can’t get through on the phone. I’ve tried and tried for hours, days straight. What next?

Answer: Have you tried to file online, first? DETR officials say that is the best way to get through, at this point. Link:



Question: I AM trying to file online, and the website keeps “crashing.” What can I do?

Answer: The website is not crashing, per DETR officials. Due to the volume of people going online, the website is reaching its “threshold” and slowing to a crawl.

Question: But I keep getting error messages on the website? 

DETR now established a technical support phone number and email: 

(775) 684-0427 

Question: I don’t have a computer — or I’m being directed to call DETR by the website and still can’t get through to anyone?

Answer: DETR says the phone lines are overwhelmed with an “unprecedented” amount of people who need to file-- 10,000 a day. Their answer? Keep calling. 

DETR says they have hired more staff members to handle to call volume.

Only when the phone lines are not slammed, a “Virtual Hold” is possible: a DETR employee will call you back, rather than you having to wait on the phone.

Question: I filed for unemployment days ago, and still haven’t gotten my check. When is it coming?

Answer: You won’t get a check. It will be a debit card with funds loaded onto it. Processing time is 7 to 10 days.

DETR won’t specify realistic processing times due to high volumes of applicants, but tell people to expect delays.

Question: I don’t have my Federal PIN number/Username/previous password and I am having trouble filing, or resetting my information. What do I do?

Answer: DETR has expanded hotline hours for PIN, username and password issues only. 

Saturday, 8 a.m. - noon: (702) 486-3293.

Users can fill out this form provided by the governor's office to expedite resetting account information: 

There is a YouTube tutorial to help you troubleshoot PIN issues: 


For PIN, password, username or user lockout issues, call the Security Help Desk :


Question: My debit card doesn't have funds on it. Why is there no money? 

Answer: DETR said there could be a range of reasons. The most common? Your case may still be under review. 

Also, if your employer has offered severance pay or other types of funds, you will not receive unemployment monies until those funds are no longer coming in. 

Question: Do I have to file weekly?

Answer: Yes. Go to, click on "For UI Claimants," then select "Existing Claimant." You must file online every Sunday. 

There is also a YouTube tutorial for assistance to file weekly claims.

Question: Where is my stimulus money and $600 a week, promised by Congress?

Answer: Funds are not yet available. The U.S. Department of Labor has not directed states on how to disperse funds from the ''Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and. Economic Security Act'' or the ''CARES Act.'' More information will be under DETR's link for COVID-19 information.

Question: Where is the Facebook group helping others who are unemployed?

Answer: The page "Unemployment Nevada Information and Help" generates user-friendly advice from those in the process of filing and getting unemployment, and DETR officials are weighing in with tips. 

Covid 19 Cares Act by FOX5 on Scribd

Covid 19 Cares Act Spa by FOX5 on Scribd

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(11) comments


I was a live in caretaker for my 92 year old grandmother. My mother works in the resort/time share industry. A big part of my pay was having my room and incidentals covered (my cell phone bill, my auto insurance, my hygiene and personal care products, etc. As well as rent and utilities and a small weekly allowance) The only thing not provided was a good deal of my food (they were both on special diets) and medical. I have worked full time since I was 17 years old (I am now 45), usually in title/escrow or retail management. I have paid into the system for the majority of my life. While employed by my family , I filed for both state medical as well as SNAP benefits. These state agencies were aware of my employment/living situations for approximately 3 years before the pandemic hit. They have the documentation which speaks on the bills and housing being covered as the chunk of my "wage" for the 24 HR a day care my grandmother requires.

When the pandemic hit, my mothers hours were cut drastically. She and my grandmother were forced to give up their home and move on with other relatives out of state. I could not go with them. When this happened, I not only lost my job- I lost my place to live as well as a good part of the things we rely on day to day (like internet, cell phone) With the lock down and stay at home orders, on top of being homeless, it was impossible to get any bearings to re-establish myself. Thankfully my mother has helped with my phone bill so that I can keep in contact and continue to look for an employment situation that might work within my geographic limitations, as well as continue with my filing for PUA.

I filed my claim in June, backdated to March, when my situation changed. I uploaded bank statements, a notorized letter outlining the structure of my wages, another detailing how I came to the amounts I claimed as well as copies of bills and receipts to back up those claims. I uploaded my now expired licence, social security card, as well as another certified letter of identity. I also uploaded a detailed narrative of the circumstances that had transpired. I was approved for $242 a week. I called numerous times between June and the end of July, and was told everything looked fine. At the end of July I got a notice that they needed more documentation. I supplied another notorized letter and more bank statements. On October 10th I got a denial notice. The reason? My ISP was detected as coming from outside the United States and my account was flagged as fraud. I, of course filed an appeal immediatly, and submitted yet another notorized letter stating that not only had I not traveled outside the state in the past 2 years, but also as a felon it is next to impossible for me to travel outside the country. I have spent at least three days or more a week since October trying to reach anyone to get any kind of resolution or update.. I have managed to get thru 3 times for all my efforts. I am stuck in this loop of couch surfing out between Dayton and Silver Springs, my already slim resources are practically non existent, and I am TERRIFIED. The few times I managed to reach anyone I explained my situation to them, and I am shameful to admit the last call was filled with tears of desperation and fear. My case remains stagnant. Seven months I have been living in the streets and friends couches, with the end feeling so far out of reach that hope is becoming as rare a luxury as so many other basic necessities I have had to learn to live without now. It just doesnt seem like anyone listens, like anyone cares- that there are people out here both dying and wishing for death if that is the only way out of living like this. Reduced. Dehumanized. Hopeless. Forgotten. How are they getting away with this? I don't get it.


Hi my name is Joshua and I have been waiting for my unemployment sense this whole stuff started was approved and then I guess system failure one excuse after another first I was told my money would be deposited in a week and now I was denied so I appealed it and haven't heard anything from anyone for 2 months. What the heck can I do they owe me like 23,000 $


I file for unemployment 32 weeks ago and still have yet to receive any type of payment I'm turned in all documentation requested and I've called several times so being told it takes 30 days to process the reviews well I process the 30 days have came and gone and still I have yet to receive a payment and we're on week 32 now so what do I do


I have, like others, tried in vain to get thru to DETR. They state the availability of virtual hold with call back but never offer to put you in a queue nor say to push a number to enter it, instead the recording ends with, "all of our agents are currently busy, please try your call later.", then the systems hangs up on us.

I have a very important question regarding 401k plans..

If I cash out my 401k plan which I paid into...

Is it considered earned income for that week?

Will it effect my benefits at all?

Since I am unable to get through I am hoping FOX5 can supply the answer to this, so many of us would like to take advantage of the 401k rules set forth due to COVID19 but without clear cut answers I am unsure as to how to proceed.


Thank You


If Fox is serious about helping its LV community this site needs to date stamp so we are aware when it is being updated. I only see updates dating back May 13th. PLEASE date stamp the updates. I filed (online at like was suggested) for regular unemployment on May 20th. It stated I am eligible to receive approx $465 per week and I have yet to receive an email, call or any sort of correspondence. I keep getting the message " Your claim needs to be reviewed by DETR, please contact the telephone claims center to submit your claim". Does this mean my claim has not even been submitted as of yet?? This is very frustrating and what is one to do and how are we to provide essential needs to our family????? Help!!!!!


I am more worried about why the extra $600 would come to a stop for those of us still not working! I have never had to file for unemployment more than once week a year until now! I don’t have a job in Conventions to go back to yet and I can not live on $400 a week.


To try and get someone on the phone is impossable...Why is this taking so long..Been told to redial and redial which i have been on the phone once again starting at 8am every morning for the past week..and then they say in the recorded message use our call back feature...but dont tell what number to press...This is supposed to be a first world country...but this company unemployment benifits should ashamed of themselves Hire more people...OH have to now charge my pHONE again....THIS IS THE WORST SERVICE....That i have ever ever ever had to deal with


Trying to find out if I can get my Dad an extension for his unemployment but the website wouldn't allow me to do it online, been trying to call them for 4 days now and still haven't gotten through, either line is busy or the que is already filled for the day, mostly line is busy, got through once in the 4 days to find out the call que is full. My Dad is 85, on a fixed income and was working to support me, because I am unemployed, just moved to Las Vegas and just finished my cancer treatments.

Medium Mack

Another worthless govmit run program ! Should privatize it along with the dmv ! Horrible places to be dealing with strange Unamerican people!


I agree with you this is the worst service ever


I apply online need to talk to live person to see when I can receive my unemployment is always hang up

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