Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation

Having trouble filing for unemployment? You’re far from alone. Your most common questions, answered by FOX5:


Question: Where can I file for PUA?

Answer: According to DETR, the website for PUA claims,, will not be live until Saturday, May 16. As well, the phone line for assistance (1-800-603-9681) will also not be active until Saturday.

Question: I can’t get through on the phone. I’ve tried and tried for hours, days straight. What next?

Answer: Have you tried to file online, first? DETR officials say that is the best way to get through, at this point. Link:



Question: I AM trying to file online, and the website keeps “crashing.” What can I do?

Answer: The website is not crashing, per DETR officials. Due to the volume of people going online, the website is reaching its “threshold” and slowing to a crawl.

Question: But I keep getting error messages on the website? 

DETR now established a technical support phone number and email: 

(775) 684-0427 

Question: I don’t have a computer — or I’m being directed to call DETR by the website and still can’t get through to anyone?

Answer: DETR says the phone lines are overwhelmed with an “unprecedented” amount of people who need to file-- 10,000 a day. Their answer? Keep calling. 

DETR says they have hired more staff members to handle to call volume.

Only when the phone lines are not slammed, a “Virtual Hold” is possible: a DETR employee will call you back, rather than you having to wait on the phone.

Question: I filed for unemployment days ago, and still haven’t gotten my check. When is it coming?

Answer: You won’t get a check. It will be a debit card with funds loaded onto it. Processing time is 7 to 10 days.

DETR won’t specify realistic processing times due to high volumes of applicants, but tell people to expect delays.

Question: I don’t have my Federal PIN number/Username/previous password and I am having trouble filing, or resetting my information. What do I do?

Answer: DETR has expanded hotline hours for PIN, username and password issues only. 

Saturday, 8 a.m. - noon: (702) 486-3293.

Users can fill out this form provided by the governor's office to expedite resetting account information: 

There is a YouTube tutorial to help you troubleshoot PIN issues: 


For PIN, password, username or user lockout issues, call the Security Help Desk :


Question: My debit card doesn't have funds on it. Why is there no money? 

Answer: DETR said there could be a range of reasons. The most common? Your case may still be under review. 

Also, if your employer has offered severance pay or other types of funds, you will not receive unemployment monies until those funds are no longer coming in. 

Question: Do I have to file weekly?

Answer: Yes. Go to, click on "For UI Claimants," then select "Existing Claimant." You must file online every Sunday. 

There is also a YouTube tutorial for assistance to file weekly claims.

Question: Where is my stimulus money and $600 a week, promised by Congress?

Answer: Funds are not yet available. The U.S. Department of Labor has not directed states on how to disperse funds from the ''Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and. Economic Security Act'' or the ''CARES Act.'' More information will be under DETR's link for COVID-19 information.

Question: Where is the Facebook group helping others who are unemployed?

Answer: The page "Unemployment Nevada Information and Help" generates user-friendly advice from those in the process of filing and getting unemployment, and DETR officials are weighing in with tips. 

Covid 19 Cares Act by FOX5 on Scribd

Covid 19 Cares Act Spa by FOX5 on Scribd

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(5) comments


To try and get someone on the phone is impossable...Why is this taking so long..Been told to redial and redial which i have been on the phone once again starting at 8am every morning for the past week..and then they say in the recorded message use our call back feature...but dont tell what number to press...This is supposed to be a first world country...but this company unemployment benifits should ashamed of themselves Hire more people...OH have to now charge my pHONE again....THIS IS THE WORST SERVICE....That i have ever ever ever had to deal with


Trying to find out if I can get my Dad an extension for his unemployment but the website wouldn't allow me to do it online, been trying to call them for 4 days now and still haven't gotten through, either line is busy or the que is already filled for the day, mostly line is busy, got through once in the 4 days to find out the call que is full. My Dad is 85, on a fixed income and was working to support me, because I am unemployed, just moved to Las Vegas and just finished my cancer treatments.

Medium Mack

Another worthless govmit run program ! Should privatize it along with the dmv ! Horrible places to be dealing with strange Unamerican people!


I agree with you this is the worst service ever


I apply online need to talk to live person to see when I can receive my unemployment is always hang up

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