LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- Community members came together Friday night to protest detention camps for immigrant families.

Hundreds of people took over the sidewalk in front of the Federal Courthouse building in downtown Las Vegas. 

There were a lot of emotions. Even some tears as people told stories, chanted and sang. 

“Why are they putting people in cages and why are they separating families from each other?” said Cecilia. 

Cecilia, 11, and her sister who is eight made signs of kids in cages. The girls came to the protest with their mother who is originally from Mexico. 

On Friday night protesters wanted to see detention camps close for good.

“Even though I was not born in this country I know this is not what our country is about,” said one woman to the crowd. 

A local mother who attended the rally couldn't imagine her kids in detention camps.

“I’m also a mother. I would be devastated if I brought my child hoping to give them the best life possible and they died in the process...The way someone applies for asylum is they have to be in the country,” said Marisol Montoya. 

Some protesters supported President Trump’s immigration policies. Constanza Areizaga is one of the many Trump supporters in attendance.

“I know what it’s like because I have actually traveled quite extensively and people sleep on floors, they have dirty water, they’re lucky if they even eat a tortilla. And over here they’re able to complain about shelter that our government is paying for and we pay for as tax paying citizens,”said Areizaga.  

Once the sun set, the crowd held a moment of silence with candles and lights from their phones to honor immigrant families. 

Protesters spent quite some time chanting things like, “stand up fight back” and “abolish ICE.” 

On Sunday, President Trump announced ICE is raiding ten major us cities. 

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(10) comments


What is unclear about the word ILLEGAL? Other countries have detention facilities. Australia does not allow an illegal to even reach their coast. The U.S. has always tried to stop invaders from entering; example, WWI, WWII.


No worries Las Vegas, at least u will have an awesome new stadium and Mark Davis!😂


The easiest solution is to quit coming here illegally. Personally they should be charged, convicted and sentenced to jail and then deported! There's a right way to come to this country, and a wrong way!


Yes, yes, yes!


Build a real Concentration Camp for the Libtard Politicians that continue to ignore the problem, and change the Laws.This is all on them.Break the Law,pay the price.


Don't separate families. Deport them all.


No more detention camps ? Tell the invaders to go home and fill out the paper work and wait like the rest of them souls before them did.


So how many illegals are you willing to sponsor? (crickets)


So Kyla Galer decided it was a good thing to include this on her 1st EPIC Piece of junk On Sunday, President Trump announced ICE is raiding ten major us cities. she or it is not Bias


we need more camps

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