UPDATE (FOX5) -- Prosecutors on Friday added additional charges against Henry Ruggs III, the former Las Vegas Raiders player accused in a deadly DUI crash.

Court records show Ruggs is now charged with DUI causing death, DUI causing substantial bodily harm, two counts of reckless driving resulting in death or substantial bodily harm and possession of a gun while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  

Ruggs is expected in court again on Nov. 10.

FOX5's original story continues below. 

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Former Raiders player Henry Ruggs III is being tested for alcohol multiple times a day, according to conditions of his bail.

According to court records, among the stipulations for Ruggs' release from jail is that the former NFL wide receiver must be tested for alcohol four times a day.

Records indicate that Judge Joe Bonaventure received a call from the intact services manager at CCDC to inform him that due to Ruggs' injuries, the house arrest and SCRAM bracelet would would not be able to be placed on him.

As a result, Judge Bonaventure approved to have a hand held device placed on the defendant and SCRAM to test the defendant for alcohol four times per day, records show.


Henry Ruggs III.

Ruggs was released from custody Wednesday evening after posting $150,000 bond. Las Vegas police have confirmed that officers transported Ruggs to his home upon his release.

The court records indicate that House Arrest and SCRAM bail conditions can be revisited by the next court hearing date of Nov. 10.

According to prosecutors and his arrest report, Ruggs was traveling 156 mph 2.5 seconds prior to the fatal crash early Tuesday morning in Las Vegas.

Ruggs made his initial court appearance Wednesday on two felony charges after the fiery crash that left a 23-year-old Las Vegas woman and her dog dead.

The Clark County Coroner's Office identified the victim as Tina Tintor of Las Vegas.

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(5) comments


Raiders management is weak and needs to do more to these thugs like take away pay to teach them a lesson! Unions protect thugs like this and the NFLis one big thug!


This thug is less than a piece of human feces for what he did to that young woman and her innocent pet! Raiders management needs to answer the call to fans who will be protesting against them for not separating themselves from the thug and for not cutting off his pay!


The judge needs to add animal cruelty to the charges because that pet did not have to die either in the crash so violently! This thug needs to be locked up for life!!!


After hearing from the 2 witnesses that tried to pull that screaming woman from her burning car and they couldn't because she was pinned in. I hope this piece of garbage gets the full 60 years in prison. How awful not to even try to render aid. He was only worried about himself by telling his girlfriend to shut up. I feel for the 2 guys that had to go through that. The victim didn't deserve that. Scruggs needs to be put away for a long time


Why does this thug get to be free when the young girl 23 years old and her companion family pet do not? So he gets to enjoy freedom and his money while the family is preparing for their loved ones to be buried, this does not make any sense what so ever! Anytime alcohol is the factor and or speed especially , they need to consider a lock down immediately because this was intentional behavior. Yes he intended on drinking heavily and intended on driving so fast that 99.99999% of us do not have a speedometer that goes past 160 mph. You don't do these things ever! What has society learned from drinking and driving? Nothing! They still do it because the fines are minimal and they set stupid low bail for thugs of all colors yes even white, yellow, green , purple people! This is no excuse for the law!

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