Proposed bill would allow 14-year-olds in Las Vegas to obtain a driver's license. (FOX5)

Proposed bill would allow 14-year-olds in Las Vegas to obtain a driver's license. (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A proposed bill in the Nevada Legislature could allow more teens to obtain a driver's license.

Current Nevada law allows 14-year-old's living in rural communities with less than 55,000 residents and private school students to apply for the restrictive license if there is no bus transportation available to them.

"I don't care if they're going from corner to corner. With the amount of traffic around the schools- they are not going to be able to handle that," driving instructor Danny Viloria said.

As of now 15.5-year-old's can apply for their permit without any restrictions or having to go through a driver education course. 

"That's the real big issue here. They wouldn't be responsible enough to be driving out in the road when it could be dangerous," student driver Colin Crowley said.

Crowley grew up in a rural Nevada community, where bus transportation to and from school was missing. He tells FOX5 he still doesn't believe 14-year-old's should be driving.

"I personally wouldn't have my (14-year-old) younger brother be driving at his age. He's in school, he's in baseball, he's doing everything he can to try and work on his maturity," says Crowley.

"In my 10 years of experience as a driving instructor, i'll be with some 15.5-year-old's. They're not even mature to be driving at 15.5-years-old," Viloria says.

If AB 213 passes, charter school students would need to get permission from the DMV, their parents/guardian, and the principle. 

The license would be only valid during the school year.

There would need to be proof there is no school transportation available in the area.

Restricted license drivers would be allowed to drive a maximum 55 mph, and if driving with a carpool or sibling, there must be written consent from a parent.

The bill may contain such other restrictions as the Department may deem necessary and proper.

For more on the bill head over to the NV Legislature website.

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[crying] 14 is way too young! There should be an age limit on both ends that are more reasonable, like 17 to 70.


I don't believe that 14 year old's should get licenses but I do believe that 14 year old's should be able to get learner's permits with restrictions to where they can drive. I think that 6 months with a learner's permit is too short of a period to actually learn to drive properly!


[censored] Oh... NO !!!! there is plenty of nad drivers as it is !!!

The Mark Price is Right

In other news insurance for everyone in Nevada skyrockets when 30 times more accidents happen because of this proposed bill. And these people are elected?


woops... that should have been BAD not NAD


Who introduced this nonsense?

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