Federal ban on bump stocks now in effect

A federal ban on bump stocks -- attachments that essentially allow shooters to fire semiautomatic rifles continuously with one pull of the trigger -- will start March 26, 2019.

Though a federal mandate banned bump stocks last week, a proposed bill in the Nevada Legislature looks to ban bump stocks in the state.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) --  Last Tuesday, President Donald Trump's nationwide bump stock ban went into effect. Now Nevada is following suit.

"It's not that I'm in opposition of gun violence, what I want to state is this is a total infringement of my 2nd amendment rights," said Jeff Watson, who opposes Assembly Bill 219.

AB 219, dubbed the '1 October' bill, would ban all bump stocks in Nevada if passed.

Last week, all bump stocks were required to be turned over to federal law enforcement or destroyed due to the federal ban.

"This impedes my freedom to be able to pick and choose what i'd like to modify on my weapon whether its for self defense, competitive shooting, or just having it," Watson said.

Bill sponsor assemblywoman Sandra Juaregui is a Route 91 shooting survivor. Other survivors and people supporting the measure want the bill to pass at a state level in case the law is repealed federally.

"I knew that I was in a unique position to do something and I was just so angry though, so we have to do something at a state level," Juaregui said.

Juaregui argues passing a separate ban in the state would offer a safety net in case the federal law is appealed.

Nevada Firearms Coalition president Don Turner said his organization is "opposed to the bill because it essentially would not prevent another October first [shooting], but it makes criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens."

Bill supporters disagree.

"It is a common sense piece of legislation that will prevent lives being lost due to firearm use and prevent trauma," said Kristee Watson, who supports AB-291.

Watson is part of "Moms Demand Action." At the hearing, she said a bump stock ban could prevent more tragedies like the Las Vegas shooting, or at least lower the death rate, since the bump stock made the shooter's weapon fire faster; to hurt and kill the most people in the shortest amount of time.

Many 1 October survivors constantly relive the horror of the shooting. One survivor said gun law changes should have already happened.

"We have to do something, you've seen...you witnessed what we've seen, you would feel the exact same way," 1 October shooting survivor Shey Johnson said.

Monday marks 18 months since the shooting.

Bump stocks are illegal under federal law. Anyone owning a bump stock will still have to destroy or turn them over, even while waiting for a decision on the state bill.

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Democrats live in Fantasy Land.These Bills will do nothing to stop Gun violence.


You have to start somewhere. It's not a political issue either, it's a public safety issue. I don't care if you want a new toy that goes " bang" louder and faster, I just want to go to the movies or to the grocery store with my family and have some modicum of safety. This is just a start, it won't change hardly anything, but just like the ACA, ya gotta start somewhere. The constitution is a living document that has been tweaked many, many times. Time to start tweaking again! If the 2nd amendment were taken at face value, very few Americans would have guns. Read it and you would know that.

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