LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Softball players at Bonanza High School may not be able to play this spring due to a lack of players willing to join the team.

Holli Jackson, a senior at Bonanza High School, said short notice from the Clark County School District in February about spring sports resuming in April may be the reason why.

“CCSD told us to close to the start of the season. So if they just told us a little bit in advance, we would have a little more participation then we do right now," Jackson said.

According to Jackson, the softball coach at Bonanza High School invited players who might be interested in joining the team to a Zoom meeting, but only a handful logged on.

“We only got three girls that joined the zoom meeting. And I had a girl text me personally so four in total,” said Jackson.

When the coach set up a few practices before tryouts, even fewer players showed up.

“Only two of us showed up. So not even all three of us showed up,” said Jackson.

Bobbi Jo Jackson, Holli's mother, said she doesn't blame the district for the lack of players, additional notice about the season starting could have prevented it.

Holli's mother added, requirements like a physical and COVID-19 testing may have led to players deciding the season was a lost cause.

"Not only did she miss her junior year because of COVID, but now, also her senior year,” said Bobbi Jo.

CCSD said the school made attempts to contact potential players about joining the team, but few agreed.

The district shared if the team cannot gather enough players to form a full team, the softball team will not be able to compete this season.

“I don’t think we’ll have a season,” said Jackson.

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