Phony Craigslist businesses may be dumping trash in desert

Illegal dumping in the valley often times comes from companies posing as legitimate businesses. (FOX5)

Neighbors in the Mountains Edge area said illegal dumping has become a problem where they live. One of the biggest concerns was that dumping, often times, comes from companies posing as legitimate dumping businesses.

John Labarge, who owns JP’s Junk Removal and Power washing, said illegal dumping is something legitimate businesses have been fighting for a long time.

He said a lot of people advertise on Craigslist as legitimate trash removal businesses and charge a third of the price of other companies. He said many times, that means they're not dumping legally because there’s no way they could pay the fees at landfills or transfer stations at the low price they're charging. Instead, they dump in the desert.

“The biggest thing is, if you hire somebody that's not a legitimate company, they're not licensed, they're not bonded, they're not insured. They come pick up trash from you and then they dump it, you're liable," Labarge said.

He also said if investigators find a piece of mail with people's information on it, even if they hired someone else to dump their trash, they could be partly liable for a $10,000 fine.

He said to make sure a company is legitimate, check their online presence. Make sure they have a website and reviews. If they only have a presence on Craigslist, that should be a red flag.

Also, he said to search the Nevada State Business directory. Users can enter in a company name and if they're registered as a legal, legitimate business, they'll show up. Keep in mind, people who pay for trash pickup can dump for free at transfer stations and landfills, Labarge said.

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