LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- If they want to keep their benefits, unemployment Insurance claimants will be required to search for jobs, keep records of people they contact and accept any offer extended unless a justification can be provided.

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation will reinstate work search requirements in May, and there is pushback from some in the convention industry.

“Don’t reinstate it just yet. Wait a couple more months,” said Maria Dreshar.

Dreshar started an online petition to DETR, Governor Sisolak and other state leaders. Dreshar says many convention industry jobs haven't come back yet.And if workers accept a job out of their field, they may be taking jobs from people in that field who need that job, she added. 

Dreshar cited one example of a convention industry worker who might talk to a potential employer.

"They're going to ask us, are you planning on going back once [the convention industry)] picks up again? And what are we supposed to say -- 'No?' Of course, we're all going to go back. And then are they going to want to hire us? We want to go back to our work,” said Dreshar. “We’re talking about banquet servers. We’re talking about AV. We are talking about transportation. There are so many branches to this convention community.”

Dreshar hopes DETR will suspend the work search requirement until August or September, which is when she expects convention jobs to start coming back.

When asked about the petition, DETR stayed firm.  

”Starting May 2, claimants will need to engage in work search activities that are customary in their industry and appropriate for the market conditions in their field,” a DETR spokesperson said, adding that the work search requirement is tailored to each specific claimant and designed to be a “bridge to a return to meaningful work.”

DETR also provided the following information:

To assist claimants, workforce services are currently provided through and the state’s workforce funded partners. Individuals who are interested can access the local workforce development boards and review the jobs that are available in their area. 

As of Monday evening, Dreshar's petition had 894 signatures and is on its way to reaching the 1,000 signature goal. It is available to view on

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