About a billion more people might be exposed to mosquito-borne diseases as temperatures continue to rise with climate change, according to a new study.

PAHRUMP (FOX5) -- With an increase in rain throughout the Las Vegas Valley at the start of the year, pest activity was expected to increase throughout the coming summer.

Scorpions, ants and roaches were going to be most prevalent because of the wet winter, experts said. 

“Scorpions ... spiders ... there’s going to be a lot of ant activity, a lot of ant activity this year,” Opti-Guard Pest & Termite Control owner Davon Spears said.

Ants and roaches come out when the valley heats up, meaning more predator pests, like scorpions, will be out to feed on them.

Unlike previous years, the valley can anticipate more mosquito activity.

“Because of all the water and stuff like that and it’s sitting- when there’s stagnant water it creates the perfect nesting situation for mosquitoes. So I have seen an increased amount of mosquito activity,” Spears said.

Mosquitoes will most likely be found along standing water or in higher places near roof lines.

On routine home checks, Spears said he takes away any spider webs or wasp nests and looks for breeding areas among shrubs and rocks.

Repellent is sprayed all around windows, doors, walls, and walkways. To prevent pests from coming back, he puts granules and baits around the house.

“And then we just make sure we don’t find any infestation around the property,” Spears said.

The best time to be proactive about preventing pests is during the spring before it becomes too late. Try and maintain landscaping and trash around the perimeter of the home to prevent pests from breeding in these areas.

“Where there’s shrubbery in the yard and different kind of foliage on the ground and plans. You can expect to see them in meter boxes, those are very high nesting areas,” Spears said.

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