LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- Substitute teachers and support staff said, they have not gotten their correct paychecks since December.

The Clark County School District said it’s an issue due to a glitch in a new system. The district said it’s working around the clock, nights and weekends to solve the problem. 

“I can’t tell you enough how hard we’re working to address these pay issues,” CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara said.

Substitute teachers and support staff said that glitch is costing them hundreds of dollars. 

”You don’t need me to tell you that it was a disaster,” one substitute teacher said at the podium. “I am unsure why you chose to roll it out over the winter break.”

”They’re stuck looking to get payday loans, they’re stuck looking at which bills do we pay or don’t pay, and they’re one check away from being on the street,” Jason Gateley said. Gateley is the Director of Organizing for Teamsters Local No. 14.

In some instances, substitutes have quit CCSD because of these pay problems. 

Substitute teacher Maria Freitas didn’t get paid in January. 

“All of us decided to stay, bite the bullet, work because we look at the faces of our students,” she said.

Freitas said her principal offered to help her and other subs out with gas and groceries. 

“When you wake up on Wednesday and you look at the app and you don’t have a paycheck, you’re like, ‘my goodness what did I do wrong?’” Freitas said. ”That’s my first question. But then you come to work and it isn’t your fault — it’s the people you trust that’s going to do their job. But they didn’t. They let us down.”

Another substitute teacher stood up to speak. She said, “it’s really hard to go into a class and make $9.37 an hour. It’s really challenging.”

She told the school board her teenage son makes more as a lifeguard. 

”People are tired, they don’t want to do the jobs they were supposed to do,” Floyd Dominguez said. He’s a groundskeeper who has noticed how pay has affected morale. 

”When everybody starts barking at the same time, nobody gets heard,” he said. ”And it just makes the board upset, they don’t want to hear it.”

But some employees said pressure is the only way to get the pay they deserve. 

“You know the issue – fix it,” Gateley said. 

On February 12, CCSD sent this letter to employees: 

Dear CCSD Employee,

Following an analysis of the most current biweekly payroll, it has been determined that we need to lock the time sheet for dates prior to today to allow the system to correct past time entries automatically. 

For the next several days, employees will be allowed to enter current and future time only in the time sheet.  Edits will not be allowed for those trying to make changes to information on past dates. Please do not call the Helpdesk or the Payroll Department, they are aware of the issue. 

We anticipate that full access to time sheet dates will become available no later than Tuesday, February 18, 2020

We thank you for your patience until full access to the time sheet is restored.

CCSD Payroll Department.

On February 13, a spokesperson  said an off-cycle payroll was run on February 5 to compensate approximately 100 support professionals for shorted pay. 

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