LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Hundreds of CCSD parents marched to the district’s headquarters to demand their children be allowed to return to school.

“I have three children in the school district. It was a struggle before the pandemic. We can’t breath at home,” said parent Nicole Blosfield.

Protest organizers said they would like the district to return to a full in person schedule with safety measures in place to protect vulnerable teachers and students.

“We know that there is always risk. We’re not saying that there is no risk involved. We’re saying we can make this work with safety measures in place. We can protect our most vulnerable teachers as well as the most vulnerable kids,” said Erin Phillips, president and founder of Power2Parent.

Parents said while they prefer a full time back to school schedule, they are willing to compromise with a hybrid learning model.

“I’m hoping that we could make hybrid classes for parents that want their kids to have some time in school,” said Blosfield.

Other demonstrators are concerned about the lack of social activities students engage in on a daily basis when on campus.

“I think the biggest thing is just making sure that our kids are growing and developing. The social aspect of that is huge,” said parent Devin Moore.

Several Clark County School district police officers kept an eye on the protest out of an abundance of caution. 

Phillips spoke to CCSD police before the protest and assured them it would be peaceful.

“I respect everyone else’s wishes, I just wish we had other options to help all parents and all children succeed because right now a lot of us are failing,” said Blosfield.



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free babysitting is over ! u cant sit in Starbucks anymore ? u might learn something with your kids!


you see those kids wearing a weed mask NO RESPECT at all


parents think the teacher are baby sister they can control they kids raise and educate to respect others they don't pay a penny to the ccsd and demand instead worries about they health parents not fit to be parents


These people are not fit to be parents!

Far too many complaining in this country! Everybody needs to stop being whiney little Bit*+s

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