NORTH LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The parents of Zaela Walker, a missing 3-year-old from North Las Vegas, were being held without bail after a Monday morning court appearance. 

The couple was charged in her murder on Friday, according to the North Las Vegas Police Department and court records.

Zaela's mother Lakeia Walker, 27 was booked in jail Friday, CCDC said. Her father Ricky Beasley, also 27, had a murder charge added and was re-booked, as he was already in custody for kidnapping a child and for stealing a car.

Authorities did not say whether the murder charges were connected to Zaela, who had been missing for seven months.

According to an arrest report filed in the case, Beasley was watching Zaela at his home Aug. 21.

About 11:30 p.m. or midnight, Beasley's mother was sleeping in her room, which shares a wall with Beasley's bedroom, the arrest report said. She was awakened by a loud thud from Beasley's room. She got up and met Beasley in the hallway, where he was holding Zaela, who was crying. He said Zaela had just urinated all over herself and he had gotten angry and thrown a cot against the wall, causing the thud.

After giving this explanation, Beasley took Zaela into the bathroom to give her a shower, the report said. That would be the last time anyone other than Beasley or Walker would see Zaela.

On the afternoon of Aug. 22, Beasley searched Google for information on how to stop seizures in children, even though none of his children have a history of seizures, according to the report. One of the search results suggested marijuana can be used to stop seizures.

About 6:11 p.m. that day, Beasley purchased a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette at the Reef Marijuana Dispensary.

At that point, Beasley is alleged to have met with Lakeia at Craig Ranch Park, where they are suspected of abandoning their iPhones, identification and bank cards.

They allegedly drove just off Kyle Canyon Road, then to Southern California, without contacting family or friends. In the next several weeks, Beasley and Lakeia were believed to have traveled up and down California, and through Illinois, West Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, New Mexico and Texas.

The toddler was never seen with them, police said.

Beasley and Walker returned to Las Vegas on Sept. 17 with the intention of obtaining Walker's ID and bank cards, the arrest report said. It is suspected they were in town for at least two days, during which time they did not reach out to friends or family members to ask about Zaela.

Walker, who suspected her personal items were still in her vehicle, contacted her mother, asking her to pick her up at the airport as means of getting her away from the home, the report said. After her mother left, Walker took the vehicle from the residence and searched it. When her mother returned to the house, she saw the car had been moved to a street around the corner. She suspected Walker had moved it.

Walker then reached out to a cousin, who agreed to meet up with Walker and giver her her ID and bank cards, the report said. When Walker met up with her cousin, the cousin asked about Zaela's whereabouts. Walker told the cousin Zaela was with a friend and was fine.

After leaving Las Vegas, Walker and Beasley traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, the report said.

On Sept. 23, the two were stopped by border patrol when they re-entered the United States. They, along with Zaela, were reported missing.

The San Diego Police Department responded and the two told officers they weren't missing and Zaela was staying with Ricky's family. NLVPD said they then left California for Houston, where they searched for jobs and housing.

Through coordination with officers from the Texas Department of Safety and the FBI, Beasley and Lakeia were detained and questioned on Nov. 16.

Lakeia said Zaela was staying with Beasley's family, yet they denied ever seeing Zaela for several months. 

Someone contacted police Dec. 1, notifying them Beasley and Lakeia were inside the Lucky Club casino in North Las Vegas. Beasley fled but was caught. He was arrested for stealing his mother's car, and later for child abuse and kidnapping.

Police interviewed Lakeia several times and she had failed a polygraph test. NLVPD said she also "provided information that lead detectives to believe that Zaela was not alive."

Lakeia told police she and Ricky were working on their relationship, and therefore, they did not want to complicate things by bringing Zaela back into their lives.

"Lakeia also made no attempt to see or speak with Zaela on her third birthday, did not send a card or present, did not call or FaceTime, nor send any texts messages or photos to Zaela on her birthday," police said.

"An analysis of Walker and Beasley’s communications during their time away from Las Vegas showed that they never reached out to anyone about Zaela’s status or condition," North Las Vegas Police said Friday. 

Others had occasional communication with Beasley as he was traveling in which they would ask about Zaela; however, he never provided an explanation about her health and well-being, according to the report.

Lakeia told police that the trunk of a vehicle "reeked like rotten meat," and that she and Ricky cleaned the trunk by vacuuming and using lemon-scented ammonia to rid the trunk of the stench.

Detectives believe Lakeia’s description of the smell corresponds with that of a "decaying body."

Police completed several interviews with Walker, including a polygraph examination at the FBI, which Walker failed, the arrest report said. Throughout the investigation, Walker confirmed she never demanded to speak to or see Zaela, and claimed Zaela was with Beasley's family.

Detectives believe Zaela suffered an unknown traumatic/health related injury, which resulted in her death, NLVPD said. Her body was not found.

Police said Zaela was last seen with her father and mother in late August. He was arrested in the beginning of December. Police said since then, he had been difficult and not forthcoming with information.

“All we can hope is that ... (Beasley) having been a part of Zaela’s life he feels like this is something important. If he knows something, he should do the right thing and say something.”

On the other side of Zaela's family, her grandmother said in January she believed Zaela is still out there alive, just in the wrong hands.

The two are expected back in court March 20 for arraignment. 

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