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Northwest Academy, located in Amargosa Valley near Beatty, Nevada.

AMARGOSA VALLEY (FOX5) -- Parents of students at another school on Northwest Academy's campus are concerned about the possibility of arsenic in the water at that school, too. 

In a press release from Feb. 1, Sgt. Adam Tippetts with the Nye County Sheriff's Office said the water at Northwest Academy in Amargosa Valley tested positive for high levels of arsenic and other substances.

He went on to say in the video release that doctors who responded to the scene determined that rashes found on students were linked to arsenic exposure. 

One mom, who asked to be kept anonymous, said when she heard this, she immediately knew why her son also had rashes.

"It was so severe," she said. "It was all over his back and his arms. I just thought it was the detergent."

But her son didn't go to Northwest Academy, he went to Never Give Up Youth Healing Center.

"They are on the same campus, they share everything."

The mom said everything was shared between the two buildings. She said when she heard about the investigation into Northwest, she became concerned.

"I'm wondering why Northwest has been subject to review. How come the other place has not?" she said. 

Never Give Up Youth Healing City did not respond to comment, nor did the Nye County Sheriff's Office when asked if they were investigating the other center.

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services sent a statement:

Never Give Up reports they are working with the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Safe Drinking Water to fix the water treatment system on the property. DPBH will continue to monitor the facility for compliance with the regulations in meeting the needs of the youth receiving services there. 

"They were using fountains and then they switched to bottle water so that was a red flag," she said of her son's school. "I just want to know if they were exposed to these high levels of arsenic."

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services did confirm that Never Give Up is providing students with bottled water, but wouldn't comment on showering, cooking or say how much water each student gets. 

But the mother wants answers. 

"Not telling people is not a good thing," she said. 

She said her son's skin has healed since leaving Never Give Up, but her guilt for sending him there hasn't.

"That's the thing that makes me feel bad. I wasn't there to save him or protect him."

Marcel and Patti Chappuis, the owners of Northwest Academy, were in court Friday. They posted bond. 

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