Paiute tribe opens 'Largest marijuana store on the planet' in Las Vegas

Image showing the outside of the new NuWu Cannabis Marketplace located in downtown Las Vegas. (Courtesy: NuWu)

Size matters to the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe.

Officials were proud to announce Monday's soft-opening of the "Largest marijuana store on the planet" in downtown Las Vegas.

The dispensary is on tribal lands, off of Main Street and Washington Avenue.

Many people didn't realize the tribe owned land in the area.

The 31-acre plot is small, but there's nothing small about the built-from-scratch NuWu Cannabis Marketplace on Paiute Circle.

"NuWu actually means 'the people,'" explained Chris Spotted Eagle, the vice-chairman of the tribe.

The tribe's chairman, Benny Tso, laughed while explaining some of the recent changes made in drug-testing policies on the reservation.

"I actually bought the first product out of our store," Tso said. "I bought some Willie's Reserve and Skywalker OG."

Customer Davi Digitelli said he was so excited with the amount of merchandise that he was going straight to bed after his visit.

"I have really bad sleep problems, and the first time I took an edible I slept nine hours straight," he said, "It's kind of been my thing ever since... they have everything I'm looking for, everything I'm not looking for, and everything else in between."

Other than the size, the biggest difference between most Nevada dispensaries and NuWu has to do with taxes and regulations.

"We regulate ourselves, but it's pretty much a mirrored image of Nevada," Tso said. "I know we're under a microscope, so I think our regulations and our restrictions are a little bit tighter than the states... We just want to be in the business just like everybody else. We want to be fair."

"It's a great revenue stream, and I hope the money is used wisely," said customer Stephen Shorts.

A manager at the dispensary said customers will pay the exact same amount in taxes, but the money will go to the tribe instead of the state. He said the money will go toward things like health services.

NuWu plans to eventually stay open for 24 hours and establish a drive-through service for customers.

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