Pahrump kidnappers

From left, Sandra Wombles, 19, Chelsea Demille, 30, and James Thatcher, 28, were arrested on Nov. 16, 2018 for holding Thatcher's mentally handicapped mother and brother captive in Pahrump.

PAHRUMP, NEV. (FOX5) -- The Nye County Sheriff's Office said three Pahrump residents were arrested for holding a 52-year-old woman and her 34-year-old son captive for three months.

James Thatcher, 28, his girlfriend Chelsea Demille, 30, and their accomplice Sandra Wombles, 19, were arrested and booked into the Nye County Detention Center, Sgt. Adam Tippettes with the Sheriff's Office said. Thatcher and Demille were charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and elder abuse. Wombles was charged with false imprisonment and elder abuse.

According to Tippettes, deputies were called to an apartment in Pahrump on Nov. 16 in regards to suspicious activity. When law enforcement arrived, they found the woman and her son, who are both "mentally handicapped."

Both victims were malnourished, in poor hygiene and appeared to be distressed, Tippettes said. The 34-year-old was handicapped to the point where he couldn't talk and needed help walking. The woman explained to deputies how she and her son had been held captive in a small bedroom by her other son, Thatcher. 

Investigators discovered Thatcher had tied up his mother and older brother to a small, twin-sized bed with ropes and cables, Tippettes said. Thatcher allowed his mother and brother limited bathroom breaks, one bottle of water a day and a small amount of food. They had been held captive since Aug. 2018, according to investigators.

To keep the victims hidden, Thatcher placed black tint on the windows and installed a surveillance camera in the ceiling of the room to monitor the victims, according to Tippettes. Wombles helped Thatcher and Demille keep the victims concealed.

Tippettes said Thatcher exploited his mother and brother to receive their social security disability checks. The victims were taken to Desert View Hospital where they are currently being treated.

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