Pahrump kidnappers

From left, Sandra Wombles, 19, Chelsea Demille, 30, and James Thatcher, 28, were arrested on Nov. 16, 2018 for holding Thatcher's mentally handicapped mother and brother captive in Pahrump.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Pahrump woman said she alerted the Nye County Sheriff’s Office about a potential kidnapping multiple times before deputies looked into the case.

“The first time was in October,” Whitney McBride said. “A woman I’ve never seen before jumped out of [my neighbor's] window, knocked on my door and asked for help."

After asking for help, the woman returned to the home, according to McBride.

McBride said she called the sheriff’s office but was unsure if deputies responded.

“We left [before anyone got there] because we did not want to be a part of it,” McBride said. “It was scary.”

A few weeks after McBride called the sheriff’s office, she said the same woman knocked on her door a second time asking for help.

“She jumped out of the window [of the same house] and knocked on my door,” McBride said. “She asked me if I called someone [the first time] and I told her, ‘Yes.’ She said no one came.”

The woman returned to the home before anyone could see her, McBride said.

McBride and her fiancé went to the sheriff’s office.

“We waited and no one came out [of the office]” McBride said. “They called my fiancé and talked to him and things were fine.”

A few weeks after the second encounter, McBride said the woman knocked on her door a third time.

"She and her son broke through the window [of my neighbor's home],” McBride said. She asked if she could hide,” McBride said. “She walked into the house and I called 9-11.”

Deputies arrested McBride’s neighbor James Thatcher, his girlfriend Chelsea DeMille and another woman Sandra Wombles. Deputies said the three suspects held Thatcher’s mentally disabled mom and brother against their will for three months.

Thatcher’s mom said she and her son were given limited water and food. She also told FOX5 that DeMille hit her. There were cameras in the room, according to deputies.

Investigators said Thatcher tied the pair to a small twin sized bed with ropes and cables.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office acknowledged that two deputies responded to the home where the disabled woman and her son were on two separate occasions. Nothing came of those visits, according to the Sheriff’s office.

Officials say two deputies and a sergeant are on administrative leave pending the results of an internal affairs investigation.

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