LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- In a statement Tuesday, the Nevada Governor's office for New Americans said thousands of immigrants in Nevada could face deportation following the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' decision to vacate a preliminary injunction halting the termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designations from four countries.

The ruling would impact those with TPS designations from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan, the statement said.

The Governor's office for New Americans issued the following statement:

This court’s decision is devastating to our immigrant community in Nevada. There are over 4,000 TPS holders across the State of Nevada, many of whom have been here for decades – raising their families and contributing enormously to our state.

Recipients of TPS are inextricably linked to our communities and our economy. TPS holders are our friends, our neighbors, and our colleagues. Forcing these Nevadans out of the country, many who are serving as essential frontline workers during this COVID-19 pandemic, not only puts these individuals back in potential danger but also significantly impacts the lives of their families and our local communities.

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(11) comments




Anyone in the U.S. illegally has no right to be here and should be deported immediately. I'm sure Sisolak will find his illegal votes elsewhere, like the ballots he is sending out.


This article is not talking about illegal immigrants though......


Throw the freeloading illegals out !


and once again this article is not talking about illegal immigrants dummy!


The proper term is Illegal Aliens. They should be deported today. No legal authority to be in the US or taking precious aid from actual citizens. Sissylak has created a class of very poor Americans who need our help.


this article isn't talking about "illegal aliens" ....... smh


This won't happen Sisolak needs their votes.


Immigrants with TPS are not citizens and therefore are not registered to vote! Read a god dam book!


Why do you have such a stronghold on this...? You must be one of them.


REALLY! And you have proof that no illegals or "immigrants" voted in the last election. You don't. So return to your basement.

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