Two-year-old boy seen riding bike alone on Boulder Highway

A couple found a toddler alone on Boulder Highway, and caught it on dash cam.

HENDERSON (FOX5)-- A man and his wife noticed a two-year-old boy riding a bike on Boulder Highway, near Wagonwheel Dr. 

It was around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday Jan. 28. The child was by himself so the couple stopped to help. It was all caught on their dash camera. 

"Is that a little kid?" the man is heard asking his wife in the video. 

The child is so small, it's hard to see him in the dash camera video until the couple pulls up closer. The wife was driving, the husband spotted him first. 

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!" the man said. 

"I'm trying to block traffic," his wife replied. 

The couple pulled off to the side of the road, the man jumped out with open arms and scooped up the boy. 

A Honda pulled over and that driver called police. 

The couple said when the man asked the boy if he lived in the neighborhood across the street, he nodded. The couple took him door-to-door. 

"He asked me, 'do I know who this kid belongs to?' I'm like, are you serious?" 

Matthew Eskridge didn't recognize the toddler but he grabbed his shoes to help. 

"As I came out the mom was running down the street and she ran out the gate cause she seen the cars parked on the side of the road," said Eskridge. 

Eskridge said the mother was so frantic, she ran right past the man holding her son. 

"The lady was holding the bike and she was like, 'your son is in there!' So, she turned back and they met [in my driveway]," said Eskridge. 

Eskridge was shocked to see it play out on the dash cam video. He said the man in the video is the man who knocked on his door. 

"Oh my god, he was on the opposite side of the road!" said Eskridge. 

Somehow, the wobbly two-year-old on a bike made it through Eskridge's neighborhood, past a gate, and across two lanes of traffic. 

"I'm like, that's kind of far for this little boy to be going all the way down Boulder Highway!" 

Eskridge said the mom told him and the couple the boy got out of her sight. He said he hears people racing all the time down the busy highway. 

"Man, god was with that child," said Eskridge.

Eskridge said he stayed with the mother once she reunited with her son. 

"She was still standing here [in my driveway] kind of hysterical. I was standing here with her. I'm like, 'I'm glad he's safe.' She's like, thank you guys very much, I really appreciate it," said Eskridge. 

Eskridge said the gate in his neighborhood is constantly open. It's not locked, so sometimes even strong wind will blow it open. He said he's complained to his HOA.

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(3) comments

just sayin'

Good citizens coming to the rescue. If mom was outside and watched this couple scope up her kid, they would be arrested for attempted kidnapping. It states that someone called the police, and what did the police do? As usual, great reporting. Thank God that nothing bad happened.


Very typical. Blame the HOA, not poor parenting.



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