A 1 October survivor returned to Las Vegas after seeking therapy and rehabilitation for her injuries in Denver, Colo.

It was a mix of emotions at McCarran Airport on Friday night as Rylie Golgart reunited with family and friends who waited anxiously for her return.

"I feel nervous right now, I don’t know why," said Christina Sapone, Rylie’s aunt.

Rylie was shot in the back at the Route 91 Harvest Festival and for the last two months, she’s been recovering at a specialty rehab center in Denver.

"When we were there for Thanksgiving her progress wasn’t quite at that level, but in the last few weeks she’s just flourished," Sapone said.

Family and friends finally got to see that progress in person as Rylie walked off the plane and returned home for the first time since the mass shooting.

"I just, you can’t prepare for this feeling it was exciting to see her walk, her reaction, she just looks amazing," Sapone said.

"It was overwhelming. I knew it was going to happen so I was kind of preparing myself ahead of time and trying not to cry and I feel so loved," Rylie said.

It's love that Rylie said she felt throughout her rehab treatments in Denver. The 19-year-old college student defied doctors who said she may never walk again.

"It’s weird to relearn how to walk. It’s so weird, but it feels good," Rylie said.

Although, it's still a long road to a full recovery for Rylie.

"I’m going to go to rehab every day and I’m just going to work on rehab for a while," she said.

As Rylie climbed into her first-class ride from the airport, a Henderson Fire truck, family members were happy knowing that her recovery will take place closer to home.

"I’m happy, I’m ecstatic, this is the best Christmas gift we’ve ever had," Sapone said.

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