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Northwest Academy, located in Amargosa Valley near Beatty, Nevada.

NYE COUNTY, Nevada (FOX5) -- The private boarding school at the center of a child abuse investigation closed its doors. 

Northwest academy handed over its license to the state on Thursday. The Division of Child and Family services said 19 kids were transferred out of the school. The students were either picked up by their parents or taken to another facility. 

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department detectives assisted Nye County Sheriff's deputies in arresting Northwest Academy owners Marcel Chappuis and Patricia Chappuis early Wednesday morning. Investigators said they had active felony warrants for child neglect/endangerment/abuse. 

The couple was arrested in the 7600 block of Painted Dunes Drive in Las Vegas, according to information provided by Metro.

The warrant stemmed from an investigation by the Nye County Sheriff's Office over allegations of child abuse and neglect at the school. The warrant cited numerous charges related to the unsafe water at the facility, the Nye County Sheriff's office said.

They are charged with 43 counts of child endangerment. Patricia Chappuis was also charged with two counts of child abuse from previous altercations with students, the sheriff's office said.

Patricia and Marcel Chappuis were transferred and booked into the Nye County Detention Center in Pahrump Thursday night. 

The Division of Child and Family Services sent this statement on Wednesday: 

"The Northwest Academy staff onsite are cleared and qualified to supervise the children in accordance with regulatory requirements," the email said. "Child Care Licensing has been and will continue to monitor the facility for compliance with child care regulations. Child Care Licensing notes adolescents onsite are being supervised by approved caregivers who passed background checks and meet qualifications. The Division of Child and Family Services is working with the local authorities and parents to ensure the safety of the children involved."

Fox5 asked DCFS why the school wasn't forced to hand over its license sooner. 

Deputy Administrator Margot Chappel said it's never their goal to revoke a license. If they find a problem, the school has to come up with a plan to fix it. Giving out water bottles was Northwest's plan. When DCFS went out to the school for a follow-up, they saw water bottles provided by the school. 

DCFS said they're looking at what they can do better to prevent something like this from happening in the future. 

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