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A Nye County Sheriff's Department patrol vehicle appears in this undated image. (FOX5/File)

PAHRUMP (FOX5) -- Nye County commissioners voted unanimously for a preemptive state of emergency ahead of the Storm Area 51 events in nearby Lincoln County. 

The hearing lasted for about five minutes on Wednesday. 

The Nye County Sheriffs Department and the Nye County Fire Department told county commissioners a state of emergency was necessary based on information they are receiving. 

More than 3 million people signed on for the event on Facebook, however Nye County officials believe about 1,000 to 3,000 could potentially show up. No one is certain. 

Most believe the crowds will make their way to Amargosa, a town with a population of about 1,000 people.

The events for the weekend, Storm Area 51 Basecamp and Alienstock, are being held in a different part of the state in Rachel, near the famed government base. 

County Commission Chairman John Koenig painted a dire picture of what Amargosa could look like if an influx of people flood into the small town.

“Be prepared not to have cell service, not to have internet. There will probably be no water available, there will probably be no ice available because everything is going to sell out. There will probably be no gas left in the gas station, no food, nowhere to go potty. If you’re coming, be prepared because it’s probably not going to be nice,” said Nye Koenig.

Nye County Director of Emergency Services Scott Lewis said he is preparing for several scenarios. Some more worrisome than others.

“Mass casualty incident, serious traffic accident, large fire, anything along those lines. Even the potential for something similar to October 1. Anything along those lines we want to be prepared for to the best of our ability,” said Lewis. 

Trevor Dolby of the Amargosa Town Board was in attendance. Dolby said cell phone towers in Amargosa were not designed to support the thousands of people who might show up Storm Area 51.

“What’s scary is our 9-1-1 paging service goes through cell phones,” said Dolby.

Nye County commissioner Leo Blundo urged residents to be prepared by stocking up on food, water, gasoline and prescription medication. 

Another major concern is traffic. 

If gridlock occurs, first responders and law enforcement could get stuck along with everyone else. County officials said they were concerned that resources could get tied up with the masses of people attending the event. 

Koenig made it clear that those who do come out for Storm Area 51 should be prepared with food, water and any other essentials since those supplies will sell out very quickly. 

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