North Las Vegas coworkers win $2 million Powerball, share how they spent it

A group of North Las Vegas coworkers won big, playing the lottery! (FOX5)

A group of North Las Vegas coworkers won big, playing the lottery! Twenty-two employees at Las Vegas Paving Corporation won nearly $2 million and collected their Powerball prize.

Their winning numbers: 4-7-14-46-59, Powerball: 13. They were just one number off from winning the big jackpot of $128 million. But they said they are still pretty happy with what they got.

“Honestly it was unbelievable,” Kris Ann Molitor said. “I couldn't believe it when my husband checked the numbers on January 31.”

After taxes, each took home around $68,000.

“It’s money in the bank you didn't have the night before,” Rick Ewing said.

But this didn’t happen overnight. The group is a dedicated bunch. They said they've been buying lottery tickets together for more than a decade.

Tom Hampton said he is the one who drives to Primm to buy the tickets, each month.

“We had won $3, $5, but that was it,” Ewing said.

After years of a lot of losing tickets, they’re proud they never gave up.

“I kept hoping that one day we would make it and we did,” Hampton said.

Ewing said he stayed in the pool after all these years, “because everyone else did and I didn't want to be the only one who wasn't in the pot when they did win!”

As for the numbers, they left that up to Lady Luck, letting the store pick them at random.

But they've been a little more careful when it comes to how the money is spent.

“We just paid off some bills,” Hampton said. “And we're doing some renovations to the house.”

“I put it in the bank and it'll be there until I spend it,” Ewing said.

“He was able to pay off our mortgage,” Molitor said. “So just as fast as we got the money, it went. But it went toward a good thing. And it's a good thing to know you're debt-free.”

They said they're hoping their luck hasn’t run out. The group was already pooling for the next big drawing.

“Oh yea, we haven't stopped,” Hampton said.

“You never know - there have been times when people have hit more than once,” Molitor said.

Primm Valley Lotto also got a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

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