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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Several tenants at Nellis Gardens apartments in North Las Vegas have been dealing with the smell of sewage inside their homes for more than three months.

Pasty Clay said she was rushed to the hospital last week when the fumes made it difficult for her to breath.

After notifying management, Clay said her complaint fell on deaf ears.

"They don't respond. They don't say anything. It's like we don't exist," Clay said.

Patsy’s husband Robert Clay said the smell is coming from the drains in their kitchen and bathroom sinks along with the drain in the bathtub.

"In the master bathroom we put a wet rag to keep the smell out and change it a couple of times a day. In the bathtub we have the plug and keep it plugged in," said Clay.

Several other tenants said they are having the same problem in their apartments.

"It's a very bad sewer problem. I don't know if it's coming from the pipes or whatever but every morning I wake up there a smell in the house. Like a horrible smell," said tenant Shleena Hardy.

"There's been a bad smell through the sewer pipes and it smells really bad. And a lot of people are getting sick from it," said tenant Destiny Haskins.

While the tenants have been complaining for months, Clay made an official request for maintenance last week. The apartment supervisor said so far he is the only one to do so.

"He's saying that his wife got something but he hasn't brought any documentation of what he's talking about to the office so everything right now is verbal,” said Nellis Gardens Apartments supervisor Moises Corona.

On Tuesday, Corona had a methane gas detector installed in the Clay’s apartment as a precaution. 

He hasn't called me that it's going off or anything so, I don't know what's going on in his apartment, I'm trying to figure it out,” Corona said.

The North Las Vegas Fire department made two visits to the apartment to make sure there were no dangerous gases were being emitted into the apartment.

Corona said the fire department found nothing. The tenants say otherwise.

FOX5 called the fire department but a spokesperson was not immediately available to provide more information.

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