PRIMM, NEVADA (FOX5) -- The day before Thanksgiving was a busy day on the roads for law enforcement officers near the state line.

“At one point, years ago,” said Trooper Travis Smaka, spokesman for Nevada Highway Patrol. “This was the most dangerous stretch of the highway in the country.”

On Wednesday, the California Highway Patrol joined forces with NHP to step up holiday enforcement.

According to Smaka, local law enforcement agencies have helped lower the crash rate near the state line through joint patrol efforts.

“We’re not necessarily out here looking for registration violations, or minor infractions,” said Trooper Smaka. “We’re out here trying to save lives.’’

Smaka said troopers are focusing on five key issues: speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, not wearing seat belts and driving under the influence.

“Just about every fatal crash we’ve encountered has a combination of those factors,” said Smaka.

CHP officers said they were looking for the same things.

“We’re going to be enforcing the California vehicle code on the Nevada side of the border,” said Jacob Wheeler of California Highway Patrol.

Boulder City Police and Nevada Public Safety officers are helping also, along with CHP’s airplane.

For travelers, the extra enforcement was apparent.

“There are definitely some times drivers are speeding by us doing 90-100,” said Joshua Osborn, who was driving back to California with his co-workers. “It’s disturbing sometimes.”

Several drivers expressed gratitude for police taking extra measures to ensure travelers have a safe commute.

“It’s good the enforcement is out here,” said Tim Crosby. “It can be a little sketchy going down the road.”

CHP and NHP issued 461 traffic citations Wednesday, 353 for speed. The highest speed recorded was 117 mph.

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