New professional service in Las Vegas offers people 'cuddles'

Mike Doria and Kat demonstrate the “fortune cookie” cuddling position. (Mike Doria/FOX5)

If you want some strictly platonic affection in the form of cuddling, there’s now a service for that in Las Vegas.

It’s called Seeking Cuddles and will provide you, someone, to listen and enjoy your company.

Owner Alaska Osborn spent a year researching before launching the business.

“Someone told me I could be a professional cuddler. I looked it up and found that It was something that helps people," said Osborne.

The website appeals to anyone who might have PTSD, high blood pressure, loneliness or depression.

The benefits of cuddling might also improve sleep.

There are several cuddling positions that include rubbing, cradling and caressing.

The rules of conduct clearly state there is no kissing or touching in any areas covered by undergarments.

Also, all of the cuddlers and verified before being approved and dispatched.

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