LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Tech companies are showing off new home security devices at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.

The Ooma Smart Cam features facial recognition technology. The app recognizes faces from video recorded on the home security camera, and allows users to customize alerts.

"I can set the app up to only alert me if it's a face it doesn't recognize so you get more meaningful alerts," Eric Carlock with Ooma said.

Ring introduced a new peephole camera suited for renters and apartment tenants.

"We do have a knock sensor so when someone knocks it will send you an alert and depending on how hard they knock, if they're knocking on the door or trying to break in it will alert you of that intensity as well," Yassi Shahmiri said.

Ring's new Door View Cam costs $199 and can be purchased here

The Parcel Guard by Danby is a smart mailbox designed to protect packages delivered to your door. It allows delivery drivers to scan a package, send you a notification, and drop it into a secure box until you get home to unlock it.

The Parcel Guard by Danby retails for $399, you can learn more here: https://www.danbyparcelguard.com/

Amazon is also using technology to help people protect their packages.

"The amazon delivery driver will use their delivery which syncs with Key to gain one time controlled access to your home, car or garage they place the package just inside, they never actually enter, they close the door once the door is locked they can move on to their next delivery but not until it's locked so it's super secure but super convenient," spokesperson Molly Wade said.

Through Key by Amazon, users can lock and unlock their doors from their phone, or send anyone an access code to get in.

"So if your dog walker arrives while you're at work you can give them a one time access code with the cloud cam, you can see them coming and going, so no matter where you are in the world you've always got your eyes on your door," Wade said. 

Amazon Key Home Kits range from $214.99-$309.99 depending on which smart lock you choose. Find more information, click here.

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