LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Black empowerment group "New Era Las Vegas" has begun conducting civilian patrols in valley neighborhoods after members say police have failed to do so.

New Era Las Vegas members gathered at Mario’s West Side Market near the intersection of Martin Luther King and Lake Mead boulevards before heading to Kianga Isoke Palacio Park, formerly Doolittle Park, to begin their patrol.

“The purpose of this program is to arm our people with protection. We can't trust the police to do it. We tried that, it did not work. We want to be able to combat police terrorism but also combat the violence in our own black communities," said New Era Las Vegas President Minister Stretch Sanders.

New Era Las Vegas members handed out whistles at the park to women, children and the elderly, telling them to blow on the whistle if ever they are in need of help.

"Anything that goes down while we are around, we're here to patrol it. We can protect and govern our own neighborhood as long as we are around it," said New Era Las Vegas member Damien Smith.

Sanders said for now, the patrols will take place every Tuesday near the area of Kianga Isoke Palacio Park from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Sanders said residents in the area no longer have faith in police and New Era Las Vegas aims to fill the void left behind.

Sanders said he will work with members and train them to deescalate situations where two community members find themselves in an altercation that could get physical.  

"Some of us will be armed with whistles and some of us will have pistols," said Sanders. He said the reason for pistols was to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms. 

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said as long as members of New Era Las Vegas are abiding by open carrying laws, they are free to exercise their second amendment rights but remind residents to call police if they are in danger or to report a crime. 

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In the 1970s the Black Panther Party attempted a similar program to protect African-American communities, but they also paired it with community breakfasts and free medical clinics. The US government and the FBI moved to shut it down by taking the party down from the inside through the COINTELPRO project and passing gun control regulations. It is one of the reasons why California now has the strictest gun laws in the US.


NEWSFLASH: There is no such thing as African-American. They're BLACK AMERICANS. End of story. Oh, and this needs to come to a quick halt BEFORE it escalates further and broadens throughout Vegas.


Lets discuss things a little bit more deep than semantic arguments. It is a synonym, like how European-American means the exact same thing as White American. How about this as a good conversation starter: What dangers does it pose and what do you think is a better path towards conflict resolution?


The very simple fact is that until a legal US citizen regardless of race, sex or religion simply wants to be identified as American there will be no way not to have racial or labels attached to a certain group. Simple. As far as your conversation starter, not sure what point you are making but when was the last time you filed out a document and it asked you if you were European-American ? What about if you are a white citizen of South Africa ? Whats that make you now ? White African ? Until each of us just claim to be American by default we will never end racism in our country.


Is this our first no go zone?


Sure hope not... if this is allowed, Sisolak needs to be TERMINATED.


They don’t trust the police but as soon as something happens,




How does a white person in Las Vegas not supposed to feel intimidated by a "black empowering group" armed with guns, not having a official purpose sanctioned by the government and who doesn't have any bylaws that governs them while we drive thru an area that has no official boundaries ? Simple answer is, We can not. I urge city officials to immediately put an end to this before a "opposing empowering group" will. It's sad that a law abiding citizens in Las Vegas have to even ask for this to stop. This should never even happen in the first place. Once again I urge city officials to monitor this closely to assure Las Vegas doesn't turn into a no law war zone with a lot of consequences


Stench looks like a low life cheap thug ,in the neighborhood!


Whoah.... We do NOT them patroling areas. They're the ones that COMMIT the CRIMES!

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