Crosses return to Welcome sign

On Friday, Greg Zanis came back to Las Vegas to once again set up his crosses.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Last year, 58 crosses at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign became a makeshift memorial for the victims of 1 October.

On Friday, Greg Zanis came back to Las Vegas to once again set up his crosses.

Michael Warino's sister Heather Alvarado was killed on Oct. 1 at the Route 91 shooting. He visited the crosses as Zanis was setting them up.

"It's hard because she should be standing right here. They should all be standing right here, not just these crosses. They should all be standing here. It's hard to see this,” he said.

Michael returned to Las Vegas with his family to honor his sister and support others impacted by the shooting.

He said it means a lot for the man from who made these crosses to drive from Chicago and place them at the welcome sign for people to remember the 58 lives lost.

"He did not have to do this and he's doing it. People like that are what everybody needs. You know people need to help each other out. They need to all be there for one another."

Greg Zanis first came to Las Vegas days after shooting and set up his 58 crosses at the welcome sign.

"Just doing it for the families to show that we do care. It's been a year and just imagine what a family's gone through,” he said.

He's stayed in touch with the families of several victims throughout the year.

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This time he said he wants those family members to have a chance to take the crosses home.

"After time went by, they realized, 'I wanted my daughter's cross, I wanted my brother's cross,' so it's unusual that I made a complete duplicate set, but already I have at least 21 promised out,” Zanis said.

Zanis travels around the country to honor victims of tragedies. He first made a memorial cross after his father-in-law was murdered in 1996. 

He said it’s heart-wrenching to think about what happened here a year ago, but he wants to make sure we remember these 58 faces.

"I just try not to cry because you know it's so hard to imagine that here, you’re out here having fun and something like this happens to you ... We just want to show that Vegas has not forgotten you,” Zanis said.

To learn more about Zanis and his Crosses for Losses organization visit:

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