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Families in Henderson are planning to trick-or-treat, but with some added precautions.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada has issued recommendations and guidance for celebrating Halloween and Día de los Muertos during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"Many traditional activities, such as door-to-door trick-or-treating, may appear low risk because they take place outdoors or the interactions may be short. However, when a lot of people participate in lower-risk activities at the same time, it raises the potential for disease spread across the state. As Nevadans plan their activities, they are urged to consider and follow the guidelines and best practices as outlined in the guidance."
-- Nevada Health Response
In a joint statement on Wednesday, Gov. Steve Sisolak and Nevada First Lady Kathy Sisolak said that the governor's mansion will not host Halloween festivities this year for safety reasons. The statement said that the mansion currently has low staffing for the pandemic, which will not be able to ensure a safe event. 
"The First Lady and I are disappointed that the annual Halloween trick-or-treating event at the mansion will not be able to take place this year," said Gov. Steve Sisolak. "Last year we hosted our first Halloween at the mansion and will cherish those memories for a lifetime. However, at this time, we made the decision that protecting the health and safety of the limited staff at the mansion and our fellow Nevadans must be our top priority." 
Some families in Henderson are torn about how to celebrate Halloween. 

"It’s just scary because it’s like when you’re letting them go to multiple houses and you don’t know how things got from point A to point B," said Kari Luckey. 

Lucky said she feels split: she wants her four kids to have fun while keeping them safe. 

"I think just trying to get together with a small group of family or friends and keep it smaller and just clean," she said. 

"We’re hoping for trick-or-treaters," said Brittnie Thienes. 

Brittnie and her husband Ryan live a few streets down from the Luckey family.  

They will be waiting for kids at the end of their driveway, right next to their massive pirate-themed display near Horizon Dr and Pacific Ave. 

The couple plans to pass candy through a 'hallow tube.' 

"The cool thing is it’s six ft. from the person you’re giving the candy to," said Brittnie.

"Plus they look awesome," said Ryan. 

The couple built it themselves.

Nevada health response said the hallow tube or any kind of candy chute is another safe way to trick-or-trick. If you don’t have one and can't make one, health workers suggest leaving individually wrapped candy at the end of the driveway.

"We’re going to be careful," said Tom Kachnik. 

He said he’s taking his kids trick-or-treating close by.

As kids pick their costumes, health workers warn a costume mask isn’t a substitute for a cloth mask.

“We’re going to have masks under masks," said Kachnik. 

“Just give the kids a little bit of normalcy of getting out and showing off their costumes," said Brittnie. 

The Thienes' said another reason why they like to have their full display up so early is so families can drive-by ahead of Halloween, just in case they're not comfortable going out on the 31st. 

They're encouraging community members who stop by to donate dog food for the Pawtastic Friends Animal Rescue.

Nevada's full recommendations and guidance for Halloween activities can be viewed here: 

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Ooh torn families,haha ridiculous,communist fear mongering its pretty sad ! Get your coustume & have fun !

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