NHP Freeway sign

(Nevada Highway Patrol)

Nevada Highway Patrol recently shared a post on Facebook to remind drivers not to "camp" in the far left lane on the highway.

The far left lane, also known as the "fast lane," is designated as a "passing lane" on a highway with two or more lanes, NHP said in the post. 

Noting that the far left lane is designated for emergency vehicles, NHP provided some additional tips on how to correctly utilize the lane:

"If you're in this lane and a faster driver is gaining on you, move over and let them pass. Yes, you might be going the speed limit or even more. Move over and let them pass. Don’t stay in this lane on purpose to keep others from speeding. This leads to road rage."

"If you're in this lane and passing someone, you're doing it right. When you're done overtaking that vehicle, move back over out of the fast lane."

"If you see an emergency vehicle behind you and you’re in this lane, move over and let them pass."

"If you’re on a highway with one lane going opposite directions and you see cars stacking up behind you, use a designated turn out, pull over, and let them pass. Huzzah for lane etiquette."

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