LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Brian Clark, owner of Gun Doctor Nevada, said President Joe Biden’s executive order relating to “ghost guns” will impact law abiding gun owners more than those looking to commit crimes.

“Ghost guns” are partially assembled guns that owners need to complete themselves.

Clark said the majority of his “ghost gun” owning customers are hobbyists with a nac for assembling things.

“People enjoy making their own guns,” said Clark

These partially assembled guns have no serial number and currently do not need to be registered.

“They are also very hard to link if used in a crime, and that is exactly what people like Linda Cavazos of Mom’s Demand Action EveryTown are afraid of.

“The ghost guns. Those are terrifying; they are becoming the weapon of choice,” said Cavazos.

Clark disagrees.

“Ghost guns aren’t a problem as far as being used for crimes,” said Clark.

President Biden wants them to be treated like any other firearm and be subject to background checks.

Clark compares building ghost guns to building hot rods and says while they may be dangerous if they get into the wrong hands, “most ghost gun” buyers are hobbyists …

“People want to tinker,” said Clark.

“They are now being found at more and more crime scenes and there is no way to trace these guns or find out where they came from because there is no regulation,” said Cavazos.

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It all runs against the GCA of 68 which straight up makes it a legal right of Private citizens to manufacture their own firearms.

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