LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak on Tuesday went on CNN's AC 360 with Anderson Cooper to discuss mail-in ballots for the November election.

Sisolak emphasized points he made to the public earlier this week, saying that the option for mail-in ballots was "extremely" important to him and for voters to not have to "choose between voting and their health."

Sisolak told Cooper no one can vote twice. He said there's a cross reference system, so if someone mails in their ballot, they can not vote in person. A voter is able to fill out the ballot and bring it to a polling place if they choose.

Sisolak said the Nevada primary election was done the same way. "This just gives you another opportunity to exercise right and still maintain your safety," he said.

When asked about President Donald Trump's tweet, calling the governor a "clubhouse governor" and saying the decision was made in a "late night coup," Sisolak said they did take public comment for the measure and it's no attempt to "steal the state." The governor said whether Republicans win in November is decided by who is the most popular candidate.

Cooper asked Sisolak about Trump's threat to sue Nevada and compared the measure to Florida, which Trump praised on Tuesday. 

"No [legal action] has been taken ... We have not been served with anything, I don't know if we actually will. Sometimes the President makes these threats and doesn't follow through. My priority is to make sure the voters have every legitimate legal option to vote," Sisolak said.

Sisolak used his 90-year-old mother as an example of someone who supports mail-in ballots, as she hadn't left the house in several months.

"I'll guarantee you the Post Office that’s there in Florida is the same Post Office that’s in Nevada--it’s the United States Postal Service, they have the same regulations. So if they can handle it in Florida, they can certainly handle it in Nevada," he said. 

The Nevada Democratic Party provided the full clip:

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(9) comments


Fox news and trump supporters are a bunch of sheep!

They can't think for themselves.

All hail sisolak and biden!


Channel 5 news is part of FOX NEWS. So evidently you can't think for yourself either. LOL


They are actually separate news organizations. Local stations are network affiliates, but not directly owned by the network. For example NBC3 is a NBC affiliate, but it is owned by Sinclair which means their national news in the local broadcast comes from the Sinclair group which much more conservative than the network prepared NBC nightly news.


Haven't watched a live news show in over 5 years. Miss maybe the weather reports, but sometimes they miss the mark on the forecast completely. I prefer the internet where sometimes you can find the truth. Thanks for the info, teach....


CNN THE COMMUNISTS NEWS NETWORK. Sisolak looks like he belongs there.


Watch actual communist news and you will see how blessed we are to have a free press.


Free press??? They only tell and show you what news they want you to hear and see. Really I thought you were smarter than that. Nothing but doom and gloom. Orange man bad. No wonder everyone gets depressed. Guess I better go and have some ice cream. But not Ben&Jerrys. LOL


That sounds like a free press to me, they tell you what they want to write, not what an outside force tells them to write. We also have many options on where to find news with different perspectives. I only wish that we went back to how they did it in the 19th century where you would have newspapers like the Sioux Falls Democrat, the Rochester Republican, or the Bullfrog Independent. They would just clearly give you their position in the title so you knew the bias up front.


Governor, your staff can’t do a credible video conference, give us solid data or get unemployment right. But you can get voting right. LOL ! With all due respect sir; you are the biggest A-hole in the state !

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