Nevada Department of Public Safety implements new sex offender law

Nevada's Sexual Offenders Registry website appears in this image from June 8, 2016. (Source: FOX5)

The Nevada Department of Public Safety announced Saturday that the state’s sex offender registration underwent significant changes.

Assembly Bill 579 aligned Nevada’s sex offender registration laws to the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006. This mainly effects how sex offenders will be placed in tier level classifications.

According to Nevada DPS, an offender’s tier classification is impacted by how often an offender must appear in person to verify registration information, how many years an offender must register and whether certain tier 1 offenders are exempt from website disclosure.

AB 579 eliminated the use of “subjective criteria” to assign an offender’s tier. Instead, tier levels are established from the offender’s conviction and the age of the victim, Nevada DPS said.

Previously, if there had been sexual contact and the victim was under the age of 13, or if the offender had been convicted of a sexually violent crime, the offender was automatically placed into tier 3. Offenders convicted of a crime where the victim was at least 13, but younger than 14, the offender was placed into tier 2. All other offenders were placed into tier 1.

According to Nevada DPS, under the new law, tier 1 offenders must report annually, tier 2 offenders must report every 180 days and tier 3 offenders must report every 90 days.

The new tier classification levels also denote the duration a sex offender is required to register, Nevada DPS said.

Tier 1 offenders must register every 15 years, tier 2 offenders for 25 years and tier 3 offenders must register for their lifetime.

With AB 579 in effect, Nevada DPS said they will implement the new law on Oct. 1.

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