LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Dispensaries in Nevada are hoping for a boost ahead of the annual "4/20" marijuana holiday, and the gradual reopening of Nevada businesses to 100% capacity. 

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State officials will cede local control of pandemic protocols to counties starting May 1, according to the Cannabis Compliance Board. In a twist of irony, Clark County will review a plan on April 20 allowing dispensaries to operate at 100 percent capacity, along with other retail establishments. 

The marijuana industry, like many retail businesses, is still recovering from pandemic hardships.

The Nevada Dispensary Association said the industry brings in $684 million a year. 

"We were fortunate to be considered essential businesses. We were able to continue to provide jobs and money and tax revenue to the state, but our business was severely impacted through COVID," said Brandon Weigand of The Source. " I still say we haven't fully recovered. But we are seeing a lot of optimism in the industry and optimism of customers," he said.

"When we get back to 100% capacity, I think we will see our business fully recover. That's been our challenge right now, when we put customers on a waitlist," Weigand said. 

The pandemic pivot to curbside pickup has been a big success for the company's locations, according Weigand.

From delivery, to drive-thru services, the Nevada Dispensary Association said many businesses plan to keep the convenient options due to customer demand. 

The Nevada Dispensary Association hopes for more customer interaction inside dispensaries, allowing customers to smell products. The association is also lobbying the Nevada legislature for the permanent establishment of curbside pickups, which is still an emergency measure, and for the creation of marijuana lounges for tourists to use. 

There are is optimism that Senate Bill 168 will pass on April 20. 

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