Animal activist groups held a protest Saturday afternoon against a pet retail store in Henderson.

No Kill Las Vegas and Nevada Voters for Animals joined forces to bring further attention to recent violations that were brought against Petland of Henderson.

"This is an opportune time to highlight the inhumane conditions these puppies come from and the local businesses that choose to profit from their trade," said Bryce Henderson, president of No Kill Las Vegas.

Henderson animal control officers discovered multiple violations at the store, located at 510 Marks Street, in November that resulted in criminal citations totaling about $13,000.

Officials said 15 of the 39 puppies at that time were being housed in overcrowded enclosures, while also having a sick dog in the general population.

There were enough violations that officers could have closed the business, but Henderson police said the goal was to help with the learning process of what needs to be done to keep establishments like this one operating.

"Our hope is that the city revokes Petland's license to do business in the City of Henderson," said Henderson.

Nevada Voters for Animals and No Kill Las Vegas describe themselves as nonprofit organizations supporting animal rights.

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