Pair of men at Stratosphere hotel fight over knife, both get stabbed


Neighbors joined casino operators at a city council meeting Tuesday to discuss plans for new signage outside the Stratosphere hotel-casino, but not everyone was on board with the proposal.

Officials with Stratosphere went before the City of Las Vegas asking for approval to change neon signs, upgrading them to large LED signs that would be much more visible to drivers.

"Neon is an aging technology, LED is a new technology, so the third variance is simply to allow LED which is as animated as neon, which actually is more robust than neon," Sean Higgins of Golden Entertainment said.

Golden Entertainment announced it would purchase the Stratosphere last summer as part of an $850 million deal.

Neighbors in the area said they are concerned about light pollution and would have appreciated a neighborhood meeting on the item as the signage is visible from the historic John S. Park and Huntridge neighborhoods.

"People in Turnberry (Towers) are wigging out about Westgate -- their jumbotron -- and we'd like to eliminate any conflict along those lines," said downtown realtor and resident Steven Franklin.

A neighbor during the meeting said the increase in light would cause residents to close their blinds, leading to less eyes on the streets to watch for crime in the transitioning neighborhood. Higgins replied they are trying to "be" the transition, to bring in additional businesses to the community.

Council members voted to approve the changes and said upgrades to the Stratosphere will lead to other upgrades in the area.

Neighbors said they're also concerned about history going away.

"People come to Las Vegas to see the neon," a neighbor said. "The Neon Museum is breaking every record that they ever projected, and we've got a lot of restored, historic signs that are along Las Vegas Boulevard a little more toward the north."

Those neighbors also spoke out about proposed changes to the Fun City Motel sign. Council members decided to vote on that at a later time.

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