Neighbors praise quick actions of NHP troopers, seek more fire safety measures

Joseph, left, and Trissa DellaBalla, right, are being hailed as heroes for rescuing six people from a burning apartment building on March 3, 2018 (LVFR / Twitter).

Two Nevada Highway Patrol troopers are being hailed as heroes.

Troopers Joseph and Trissa Dellaballa jumped into action when they saw a burning building in the northwest part of Las Vegas. They rescued six people as well as pets.

Christina Cruz and her family ran out of the building once they saw smoke. They are now staying with friends and getting help from the Red Cross. Cruz said she is thankful for the troopers’ quick actions, but she added this apartment complex has had issues with fires in the past.

“I had heard the pounding, so I ran out of the house,” Cruz said.

She said it happened in seconds. Her family rushed out the door as smoke filled their apartment early Saturday morning.

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“It must’ve came through the walls,” Cruz said. "And they started cutting the top to vent after they got the fire out on the other side of the apartment.”

The mother of three said her family did not hear any alarms and her unit does not have any fire sprinklers. She is thankful for the quick thinking of neighbors, the fire department and two NHP troopers.

Joseph and Trissa Dellaballa were not on duty at the time. The husband and wife duo was just driving by when they saw the flames and jumped into action.

“They were trying to stop the fire,” Cruz saw the troopers helping emergency crews. “The fire department acted quickly.”

Trooper Joe Dellaballa helped a woman and two children who were trapped. His wife pulled fire alarms and grabbed fire extinguishers.

“Thank God they acted as quickly as they did because I could have had more damage to my apartment, the neighbor's apartment,” Cruz said. “It could've lit the whole unit on fire.”

While Cruz is grateful that so many rushed to their aid, she urged that more needs to be done to prevent this from happening again.

“Sprinkler systems in the apartment would be nice or something that's going to stop it, especially with it being all wood,” she said.

Just last month, the Las Vegas City Council approved a measure requiring all new homes to have automatic fire sprinklers.

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