LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Wrong-way drivers continue to kill people in Nevada.

Three people from Idaho died in a wrong way crash in Nye County in late March. The Nevada Department of Transportation said 22 people were killed in 135 wrong-way crashed from 2014 to 2018.

Nevada Department of Transportation officials say they are optimistic about early results from a pilot program to curb wrong-way crashes. Several signs to stop the problem were installed in March 2020.

“They activate via an electric sensor and they will flash a warning prompting drivers to react and self correct,” said NDOT Spokesperson Tony Illia. “Studies have shown, according to the Texas Traffic Safety Institute, that detection signs of this nature can reduce wrong-way events by up to 40%.”

NDOT officials say they’ve seen an even bigger number during the pilot project test period of just over a year.

Illia knows of about 54 instances where drivers were going the wrong way when they encountered the new signs. He said 87% of the time, the drivers self corrected, meaning about 46 drivers stopped, turned around and traveled the right way.

According to NDOT, 13% of the vehicles that went passed the signs included maintenance vehicle that were doing some kind of maintenance activity, or emergency vehicles responding to some type of incident.

The information came from new devices from around the state, including northern Nevada. NDOT said there are different wrong-way warning signs from the Spaghetti Bowl to Stateline.

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How many different languages are there on the signs?


You raise a really good point. We are an international destination city, there is no guarantee that drivers will be well skilled in reading English, and often it's visitors who are unfamiliar with our roads and/or impaired that cause these accidents. Maybe they could use the European standard no entry sign, it gets the message across with symbols rather than words.

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