Mystery UFO video supposedly from USS Nimitz fighter jet intrigues researchers

This screen grab shows unidentified object streaking to left.

UFO researchers around the world have been abuzz in recent weeks about a video supposedly shot in 2004 from a Super Hornet fighter jet based on the carrier USS Nimitz.

The video shows an object in the distance that doesn’t act like a typical aircraft – and it veers out of sight as a fighter jet closes

The story first came to light in a 2015 article in – and the tale was rekindled exponentially when former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge referenced it Oct. 11 during his announcement about the creation of his To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

Author John B. Alexander of Las Vegas believes the incident happened, but he hasn’t confirmed the video. Alexander – whose books include “UFOs” Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities” -- told FOX5 he believes the video originated with the U.S. Navy.

Alexander said in an email that he “asked one of the guys who saw it in a classified version,” and that his source “was very highly placed, and I mean very highly placed.”

He added: “The update is they believe the video to be real, but do not-- do not -- confirm the authenticity. Others videos are likely soon to similar incidents.”

DeLonge didn’t show any video from the 2004 incident with the Nimitz and various UFOs about 100 miles from San Diego but he has teased that one of the group’s goals is to release such previously classified video and documents.

Since the announcement, what could be described as video from the display the pilot sees has popped up in several places on Youtube and other internet sites.

The origin of the video is uncertain, although two UFO researchers say it first appeared in 2007 on what they describe as a website run by German film students.

Researcher Isaac Kol lives in London and sometimes posts on the Web forum Above Top Secret.

He recently posted:

Back in 2007, I tracked the first online copy of the video back to the website of a group of German film students that specialized in creating science fiction movies with lots of special effects (Vision Unlimited).

His post also included, “in 2007, I was inclined to reach the tentative conclusion that it was a hoax... I find it very interesting that the current rounds of discussion seem to ignore the provenance of the footage…”

Kol told FOX5 in an email, “I don’t claim to have debunked that footage – merely shown that the place that it was originally posted raises red flags pending further evidence.”

Robert Powell lives in Austin, Texas, and publishes on the Facebook page Scientific Coalition for Ufology.

He said: “The video was first found on a German film site back in 2007 I believe. That makes one suspicious, but there is no proof that the video was doctored by the German film students. I'm not aware that anyone has looked at the video and made a determination that it was edited in some fashion.”

Powell has filed a freedom of information requests to obtain all the documentation he can about the November 2004 incidents with the Nimitz.

Alexander noted he believes audio tapes of the pilots communicating with flight control also exist.

One reason researchers found this video so intriguing is the way the UFOs baffled the Navy’s best fighter jets and radar systems in the days around Nov. 14, 2004.

The story on described the anomalous aerial vehicles as dropping from above 80,000 feet, according to radar returns and then hovering 50-feet off the water within a matter of seconds.

The objects then moved away at “speeds, turn rates and accelerations faster than any known friendly or threat aircraft.”

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