LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The turnout to the memorial service for Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was a testament to his impact as a state and national leader. But his love and devotion to his family never came second.

Reid was honored by two U.S. Presidents and top lawmakers inside the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Las Vegas. An honor guard carried his casket into the auditorium.

Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints talked about Reid as a man of strong faith. Each of Reid's five children spoke at at the service.

“I look back at that time so fondly because he was pulled in so many different directions but when he was home he was just Poppy. He didn’t want to talk about work he wanted to talk about us," Lana Reid Barringer said.

Harry Reid Memorial

Lana Reid, daughter of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, speaks during a memorial service for her father at the Smith Center in Las Vegas, Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022.(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Key Reid said his father shared his love of reading and poetry.

"My father is loyal, and never forgot where he came from. He told me that when he was a child he read books from his school while in Searchlight and it helped him dream about the world that he wanted to see," Key Reid said.

The day before his father past Key told him he loved him and gave him a warm goodbye. 

“My father was my best friend," Key Reid said. 

Josh Reid shared words his father read on the Congressional floor in March 2004.

 “I wish the people I worked with in the Senate knew my father. My father was named Harry Reid, the same name I have. I always looked up to my dad, my dad was uneducated, didn’t graduate from the eighth grade but he was very smart. For example he was a miner and could go underground with a compass and come above ground and create a map. People in college cannot do that," Josh Reid said.

Leif Reid said his father always gave them his time when they needed it.

“As busy as he was in the Senate, speaking with head of state- whatever it was my dad always took our calls. And I never felt, never made us feel that he was busy- didn’t have the time to give us a moment," Leif Reid said.

Rory Reid talked about his love their mother, Landra.

"Any discussion of our family or my dad should begin and end in one place- Landra," Rory Reid said.

Reid and Landra were high school sweethearts. They eloped when they were 19-years-old. They were married for 62 years.

"The leaders of the United States congress are here in his honor. Presidents Obama and Biden will grace us with their words and next week my dad will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda in the same spot Abraham Lincoln rested. But what I will cherish most and never forget in the private quiet moments that I was privileged to share close to a Nevada giant," Rory Reid said.

Harry Reid Memorial

Rory Reid, son of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, speaks during a memorial service for his father at the Smith Center in Las Vegas, Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Las Vegas born Brandon Flowers of the The Killers performed "Be Still." Reid personally requested Flowers. At the end of the service Flowers sang "Home Means Nevada."

The full memorial service is available here: 

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Mormons best have sent in a spokesperson for all that crooked money he’s taken in and they got themselves 10% over the years

george strong

The entire corrupt Reid crime family belongs in prison. Reid was as crooked as Biden.


And they would have been if the election had not been stolen. . . OK, OK. . . I made that up :) I wonder how Scotland is doing on the money laundering investigation into the "Loser of the 2020 Election"? You know, when Fat Orange Boy suddenly came up with cash to buy those golf courses that are losing money hand-over-fist back when he had to borrow money to float his other operations. I smell rubles!


said the person with no evidence


The Reid family has done more to modernize this state over the 50 years than almost anyone else in public life. He got stuff done he's the reason we have a national park in our state, and why we don't have a high level nuclear waste dump in our backyard.

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