MUST SEE: Gun range billboard vandalized with "shoot a school kid" message

Self-proclaimed activist group 'INDECLINE' vandalized a gun range billboard overnight on March 1, 2018 (INDECLINE / FOX5).

A self-proclaimed activist group vandalized a gun range billboard overnight near the Las Vegas Strip.

'INDECLINE,' the same group responsible for the naked President Trump statues, changed the wording on a Battlefield Vegas billboard to read "shoot a school kid only $29." They also spray painted a message that reads, "defend lives, reform laws." The billboard originally advertised a gun range deal to shoot a weapon.

The group said this billboard is a protest of American gun policies.

"If we're looking at vinyl stickers and getting up in arms and overlooking the fact 17 people were killed in a school, our country is in bad shape," an INDECLINE spokesperson who asked to remain anonymous said.

"If you see our old work, we usually use paint, we don't use stickers. So they can be happy we didn't use paint this time," the INDECLINE spokesperson said.

"We are at a point in our country where these shootings are becoming tolerable."

Don Turner with the Nevada Firearms Coalition said he was offended by vandalized billboard.

"There is no substitute for class and this was just classless," Turner said. "Battlefield helped Metro (police) with equipment when they were responding to the Las Vegas shooting (on Oct. 1)."

"We don't have a problem with the business owners, just the business as a whole," INDECLINE said.

Turner said "Everyone has a right to protest but not a right to vandalism. If they felt so strongly about this, why don't they buy their own billboard that says 'Stop gun violence' ?"

"This protest piece is in response to America’s longstanding obsession with gun culture and our government’s inability to honor the victims of mass shootings by distancing themselves from the homicidal policies of the NRA," a press release from INDECLINE stated.

The sign was in a highly visible location on Industrial Road that can be seen by motorists driving westbound on the Spring Mountain Road overpass.

Battlefield Vegas gun range has declined to comment.

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