LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - The family of an 11-year-old girl who was shot and killed in November has filed a lawsuit against their homeowners association for negligence.

Angie Erives was killed in her own home by a group of alleged gangsters targeting a rival’s house. They had the wrong address and shot at Erives' home instead.

Angie Erives

Angelina Erives, 11, was shot and killed inside her home in an apparent drive-by shooting Thursday night, North Las Vegas police said.

"I have lots of cases, tragic cases,” said attorney, Sean Claggett. “And this is the only one that's ever made me cry ... twice."

Claggett said the real tragedy is that he thinks Angie’s death could have been avoided. 

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"In this case, there was red flag warnings everywhere," said Claggett. "Police were being called out to this house, the intended target house, countless times. There were violations of the CCNR's of the HOA all over the place. The HOA was communicating with the home owner these violations and between the HOA and the home owner they did nothing. The property manager did nothing. Everyone was aware that this was a problem."

Claggett said the HOA is only part of the problem. The lawsuit claims the property management company and the homeowners also knew there were issues.

"They knew about the problem and didn't do anything about it," said Claggett.

Angie’s family wants financial compensation from all three.

"We are suing the owners of the home. We're suing the property managers and we're suing the home owner's association," said Claggett.

A full copy of the lawsuit can be found here.

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Give me a break. An HOA is not a law enforcement agency. They have absolutely no power whatsoever to enforce criminal statutes. All they can do is contact a law enforcement agency, period. Second of all an HOA is just a bunch of homeowners volunteering their time. If you do not like how your HOA is operating then run for the board and you can change it. If you do you will find that the state statues and bylaws of HOAs are very limited. The stricted thing an HOA can do is to send letters to a homeowner, fine the homeowner. If the homeowner does not pay then the HOA can put a lien on the property. That's it. They can't enforce drug laws, gun laws, motor vehicle laws, or anything else unrelated to their purpose.

This case will get thrown out because it has no merit. Any lawyer who files such an idiotic lawsuit should be disbarred.


I clicked the cameras next to the story to see if any of the scum killers were white. Not this time. Trump should send Navy Seals in to take these gangs out and dump them in old mine shafts to rot.

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