UPDATE: Mt. Charleston's keepers are collecting volunteer signups to help clean up litter left behind by holiday visitors. 

The Twitter account for Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, where Mt. Charleston is located, said on Sunday that anyone interested in helping can sign up by emailing volunteer@gomtcharleston.com

ORIGINAL STORY (JAN. 5): LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A big holiday weekend for Mt. Charleston resulted in piles of leftover trash and broken plastic sleds.

Jim Seely is the marketing director for Lee Canyon. He said the area most affected by trash was the Meadow in Lee Canyon, outside of the ski resort.

"There is a dumpster there, there is U.S. Forest, law enforcement, but you know, there is an overwhelmingly amount of trash and broken sleds that are left behind by, you know, like people looking for a good time and maybe not realizing what kind of impact they're leaving behind when they come up to the Meadows and in the canyon in the Spring Mountains," he said. 

Seely said the "pinnacle" of trash every year is over the holidays, when kids aren't in school. 

He emphasized "pack it in, pack it out," meaning everything brought with someone to the mountain should be taken back with them. He said it's important to keep nature preserved in the Spring Mountains. 

"Enjoy nature respectfully," he said. 

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Been a resident in Vegas for 14 years now. Always enjoyed hiking and camping in and around the Charleston area. I hate to admit it, but they need to start charging a fee to enter both Lee and Kyle canyons. It would help to deter people who are just looking for a quick "free" play day that dont care or respect the mountain and help generate some revenue. It would be nice to see increased law enforcement too, to ticket people for speeding and littering.


That's what happens when you let the N ers out of the city.

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