(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Mountain’s Edge community is growing quickly and neighbors shared what they want – and don’t want – to see moving in.

“Looks like we have beefed up the number of hospitals and retail on this side. But we’re still missing a Trader Joe’s and I’m not sure why we’re not getting the love!” resident Tony Terrell said.

A Trader Joe’s grocery store was one of the top write-in requests in a survey done by the Mountain’s Edge Master Association, the community’s HOA.

Rounding out the top five write-in requests: Olive Garden, Whole Foods, Sprouts and Wendy’s.

What residents don’t want to see: gas stations, PT’s, fast food, liquor stores or Dotty’s.

Residents said the growing neighborhood is very family friends and so they do not want to see any more bars opening.

“When we already have two of them – at Blue Diamond and Rainbow and El Capitan and Blue Diamond – we really don’t need more bars, especially since it’s so family oriented,” Daniela Morgan said.

The Mountain’s Edge HOA does not have a say in which businesses move in. But they hope the feedback will help developers. The HOA plans to send a letter to the top-requested businesses, in hopes of sparking interest for a future site.

The Mountain’s Edge Master Association exists to preserve the nature and character of the community, while providing services and amenities to residents that connect people, protect and enhance property values, and create neighborhoods that truly feel like “home.”

The concerns and issues that matter to the residents of Mountain’s Edge are of utmost importance.

The Association recently conducted a community survey in regards to the increase in both residential and commercial development in the area of the Mountain’s Edge Master Association. The purpose of the survey was to gather the community pulse of what businesses residents desire or oppose having in the area. While the association does not have the final authority to approve or oppose commercial development of any kind, the results allow us to provide guidance and feedback to key decision makers (such as: the county, Enterprise Board, and commercial developers) in order to provide the community and it’s residents with desirable, commercial offerings.

The association would not have any direct economic benefit from one type of commercial development over another and simply want the requests of our residents represented in a organized and collective manner. In the future, the HOA board will send a letter of interest to the top most resident requested businesses from the survey in hopes of their future Las Vegas expansion plans.

Residents were able to specify exactly what businesses they would like to see or opposed to seeing via an open text box in the survey, in addition to several 5-point scaled questions in regards to different categories of development. We have outlined some of the key takeaways of the survey below:

- MEMA residents are strongly opposed to the development of Taverns/Bars/Lounges or Convenience/Liquor stores within the community.

- A slight majority of residents are opposed to Gas Stations & Fast Food developments.

- MEMA residents strongly support the development of specialty grocery stores, Quick Service, casual chain sit-down, and upscale dining restaurants.

- Residents slightly favor the development of Large grocery, big box retail, small retail, and businesses providing services.

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