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Nathaniel Jones Park at Mountain's Edge (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Mountain’s Edge is one of the fastest growing communities in Las Vegas. While there are a lot of new homes and businesses popping up in the area, community leaders are tackling a request that’s been at the top of their list for years.

“A lot of parks in general just have a lot of open space that doesn’t have a focus,” Nathan Simon said. “Nathaniel Jones Park is just desert land. There's not even a running track, so more useful spots would be better.”

Leaders at the Mountain’s Edge Master Association assured a more useful spot is exactly what the park will become.

“A lot of dog owners, a lot of passionate people have really been looking forward to this,” association board member Cameron Scharchburg Beyer said. “We have a ton of trails and parks in Mountain’s Edge so people have sort of been using those as a dog park previously.”

Soon, on the left side of Nathaniel Jones Park, there will be a dedicated space for man’s most dedicated friend.

“We looked at dog parks all throughout the city and so we want to make sure this one really stands out,” association board vice president Mark Leon said.

It sounds simple, but this dog park has been years in the making.

“So it's determining where are we going to put the park, what sort of amenities do we want,” Scharchburg Beyer said.

And just the idea of it is making a lot of dog lovers very happy.

“I’ve heard from other people this has been a long time coming so it's a nice thing to have out here,” Chris Bradley said.

There will be three fenced areas.

“One for small dogs, one for large dogs and one that right now we plan on having so that when there's maintenance issues in one of them, we can seamlessly open the other,” Scharchburg Beyer said.

“When you can let them off the leash and roam free, it's really beneficial,” Bradley said. “Not only does it give us freedom, but with kids - we got kids - and you never know, not everyone's dogs are friendly.”

“This park in particular doesn't have a dog area, so it's kind of hard,” Andrea Bernal said. “I'd like to play fetch with her without worrying about other dogs or people.”

The Mountain’s Edge HOA said it’s all part of its goal to improve outdoor spaces: one of the reasons many people said they moved into the community.

“Our main goal is just to get the park open for our residents because there's just been this demand of people wanting to have the park,” Scharchburg Beyer said.

The HOA needs to raise $15,000 to make the improvements.

“As we fund-raise more and more, we'll put in things as they come, benches, shading, trees,” Scharchburg Beyer said.

It plans to do so by selling engraved bricks.

“You can add anything you would be proud of your grandma reading,” Leon said. “It is kind of a way of marking your territory in our dog park.”

Once the HOA hits its fundraising goal, it can start building. IT will take about two months to complete the park.

Leon added bricks will be on a wall, not the ground. Bricks start at $50 each.

Along with bricks, some of the items available for sponsorship include:

  • Tree - $500 each
  • Bench - $1,000
  • Dog leash holder - $750
  • Drinking fountain - $2,000
  • Naming rights - $10,000

For more information about the dog park or to get involved, click here.

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