LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The boyfriend of Amari Nicholson's mother, 27-year-old Terrell Rhodes, has been arrested in the boy's disappearance.

Tayler Nicholson told FOX5 on Tuesday regarding Rhodes, "He killed my baby. He just confessed. I'm with Metro now. Will speak with I'm done."

Two-year-old Amari Nicholson was reported missing from the Emerald Suites on Paradise Road on May 5. 

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police announced Rhodes' arrest on Tuesday afternoon. Lt. Richard Meyers said the missing persons case was now a homicide investigation. 

"During the course of the investigation, it became clear that the circumstances were suspicious," Meyers said. "As the investigation progressed, it became very clear to us that Terrell Rhodes was our suspect." 

Meyers said during his arrest, Rhodes "chose to fight with police officers, and during the course of that fight, was briefly able to retrieve an officer's firearm."

The incident was deescalated, Meyers said, and Rhodes was transported to the Clark County Detention Center on a murder charge. He's expected in court on Wednesday morning. 

Meyers said there will be additional charges. 

Las Vegas police did not allow media to ask questions. It was not immediately known if Amari Nicholson's body had been found. 

Terrell Rhodes, the boyfriend of Amari Nicholson's mother, has been arrested for murder in the toddler's disappearance.

Tayler Nicholson appeared to have deleted her Facebook page on Tuesday night after making a post about Amari claiming, "I never knew anything."

"My baby is gone & is never coming home," she wrote. "I never knew He [sic] did this he never said anything to me about his involvement. I trusted him and he betrayed me. He took my whole world from me ... my son come before anybody!! I never knew anything."

Meyers urged anyone with information on the case, which remains open and active, to contact CrimeStoppers

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(4) comments


I agree, I think they both played a part in this baby's death. None of this namby pamby psychobabble for these people. They must be charged and tried appropriately according to the law.


A monster does harm to a beautiful innocent baby- absolute horror story- He should get death penalty swiftly. That baby didnt hurt anyone.


This was sadly predictable. My question is: what part did the mother play in all this? Her story is questionable, in my opinion.


I have to agree. I feel so bad for the poor child. He never got a chance.

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